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My point is Extremism is an Israeli and American problem too. Why CNN accepts that much hatred and ignorance in the blogs?we Have Racist and Radical people who are far worse than fundamentalist muslims. Nobody can expect a little child in Gaza to think what he can get himself into just by sharing the zipcode with a terrorist group, when he doesn't even know what a terrorist is.

Then later he calls for the borders to be opened according to the agreement of 2005. Malki What cease fire is the UN Security council talking about?

We must not tolerate terror but we must not fight terror with terror. If we want different results we must change our ways, same ways same results, that's why Peace can not move forward.

Hamas is insisting it wants permanent peace, stability, etc., but actually never acts in favour of this.

This resolution just calls for mechanisms to be established to bring about the desired result of a durable cease-fire etc. I have heard just about enough lies from Israel they blow up a school set up by the UN as a bomb shelter and then they kill UN workers tring to get aide to wemen and children that just want to live in peace.

A cease fire without Hamas who was doing the firing? That is why Israel will not let the press into Gaza because they can blow and kill who and what ever they want to and lie about it and most everyone will beleave them.

Civillians in the Gaza region don't value life and have been brainwashed by their religious extremists to think that firing rockets into Israel can bring about a new change.

Unfortunately for the Gazans, they bit more than they could chew.

As his turn, It wants only to lead this war against Israel as already done by Hezbollah, regardless of palestinian population. And who's is civil and who's is the warrior?

This story is going on worldwide for too long now: Palestine, Kosovo, Philiphines, Somalia, Indonesia, etc.

Well, now I know why I did not turn on the television. Finally Bush administration is adapting itself to the possibility of a ‘shift in policy’ expected from Obama’s administration........

Hopefully IDF, Israeli Orthodox fundamentalists and very few wealthy AIPAC members will collectively appear at The Hague for the atrocities they have sponsored and committed in Gaza.......

I hope Hamas stops firing at Israel who leaves and then a non-biased team from neutral countries monitor the situation. When I hear, someway, that a good peace contract has been finalized, which is a long shot, then I will turn on the news. CNN-your coverage of WAR ON GAZA is biased- no mention of UN school bombed, 2 UN transport workers killed o/night, 4 children found laying next to dead corpses for 3 days in full view of Israeli army- breaching international law. First three on the block...thing that almost ( UN ) everyone agreed on the ceasefire resolution...though it has to be implemented on the ground..both sides.not yet DONE till everyone complies.. JUST BE PREPARED FOR ANY NEWS FROM NOW, THAT ANY CEASEFIRE TAKEN INTO EFFECT WILL BE A DISASTER FOR THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL AND FOR THE GAZANS... Don't get the impression that I am for any of these alternatives.

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