Sap business one consolidating bp

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Sap business one consolidating bp

Settings in CIF CFE01 CFX_BI_TAB_TO_CExport Documents to c Folders CFE02 CFX_BI_BOM_EXPOExport Objects to c Folders CFGD RDELALOG Delete Application Log Entries CFG1 RSHOWLOG Display CIF Application Log CFG3 CIF_APPL_LOG_SEFind in Application Log CFI01 CFX_BI_TAB_FROMImport Documents from c Folders CFI02 CFX_BI_BOM_IMPOImport Objects from c Folders CFM1 RIMODGEN Create Integration Model CFM2 RIMODACT Manually Activate Integration Model CFM3 RIMODAC2 Activate Integration Models (Bkgd) CFM4 RIMODOUT Display Integration Models CFM5 RIMODSRH Integration Model Object Search CFM6 RIMODMOD Modify Integration Model CFM7 RIMODDEL Delete Integration Model CFNA SAPMSNUM Maintain PRT number range: FHM_CRFH CFO3 RCIF_TCX00V Scheduling Parameters in APO CIF CFP1 RCPTRANS Analyze and Send Changes CFP2 RCPQUEUE Analyze and Send Changes CFP3 RSPPMCHG CIF: PPM Transfer of Data Changes CFP4 RSPPMDEL Delete PPM Change Pointer CFS0 RSTRFCQR Display Serialization Channels CF00 MENUCF00 Prod. orde CF15 RCFCO112 PRT: Use of PRT master in network CF16 RCFCO122 PRT: Use of material in network CF17 RCFCO132 PRT: Use of document in network CF18 RCFCO142 PRT: Use of piece of equip. CJBBS1 RCNCO085 Planning Board Report Assignment CJBBS2 RCNCO086 Structure Overview Report Asst CJBN RBPFCPN1 Reconstruct Availability Control CJBV BPINDX00 Activate Project Availabilty Contro CJBW RBPFCPD1 Deactivate Project Availabilty Cntr CJB1 SAPLKAZB Generate Settmt Rule: Coll. Data CJEO RCNRCJEO Transport Reports CJEP RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms CJEQ RCNRCJES Import Reports from Client CJET RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown CJEV RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable CJEX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports CJEY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data CJEZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms CJE0 SAPMKCEE Run Hierarchy Report CJE1 SAPMKCEE Create Hierarchy Report CJE2 SAPMKCEE Change Hierarchy Report CJE3 SAPMKCEE Display Hierarchy Report CJE4 SAPMKES1 Create Project Report Layout CJE5 SAPMKES1 Change Project Report Layout CJE6 SAPMKES1 Display Project Report Layout CJFA RFFMRP84 Analysis of Data Trans. Resources/Tools Master Menu CF01 SAPMCFST Create Production Resource/Tool CF02 SAPMCFST Change Production Resource/Tool CF03 SAPMCFST Display Production Resources/Tools CF10 RCFCO110 PRT: Use of PRT master in CF11 RCFCO120 PRT: Use of material in prod. in netw CF20 RCFCO111 PRT: Use of PRT master in orders CF21 RCFCO121 PRT: Use of material in orders CF22 RCFCO131 PRT: Use of document in orders CF23 RCFCO141 PRT: Use of pc. in orders CF25 RIAUFK20 PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order CF26 RIAUFK20 PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders CF27 RIAUFK20 PRT: Document Usage in PM Orders CF28 RIAUFK20 PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order CGAB SAPLC11E EHS: Edit Phrase Set - Char. into PS Cas CJFN RFFMS300 CBM Payment Converter CJF1 SAPMKFPR Create Transfer Price Agreement CJF2 SAPMKFPR Change Transfer Price Agreement CJF3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price Agreement CJF4 RKFPP001 Transfer Price Agreement List CJG1 SAPMKFPR Enter Transfer Price Allocation CJG3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price Allocation CJG4 RKFPI001 Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List CJG5 SAPMKFPR Cancel Transfer Price Allocation CJH1 PS_SUMM_INHERITReconstruct Project Inheritance CJH2 PS_SUMM_PROTOCOProject Inheritance Log CJIA RKPEP010 Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs CJIB RKPEP011 Project Plan Payment Line Items CJIC RKPEP012 Maintain Project Settlement LIs CJID RKPEP012 Display Project Settlement Line Itm CJIE RKPEP012 Projects: Retirement LI Settlement CJIF RKPEP015 Projects: Profitability Analysis LI CJIG RKAEP000 Display PS Cash Documents CJI1 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line Items CJI2 RCNEP002 Budget Line Items: Document Chain CJI3 RKPEP003 Project Actual Cost Line Items CJI4 RKPEP004 Project Plan Cost Line Items CJI5 RKPEP005 Project Commitment Line Items CJI8 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line Items CJI9 RKPEP009 Project Struct.

Menu BUM1 BUSSTART Create Employee (BP) BUM2 BUSSTART Change Employee (BP) BUM3 BUSSTART Display Employee (BP) BUNA SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint: BP_PADRNR BUPT MENUBUPT Business Partner Configuration Menu BUP0 BUSSTART BDT; Multiple Call (Funct.

Just give it a chance :-))) The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. Batch Input Session AFBN RAFABNEW Include New Depreciation Area AFBP RAPOST2001 Create depreciation posting log AFWA SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis Structures AFWFL SAPMAFWCH_FL AFWCH: Filter Maintenance AFWO1 RAFWGO_SHOWEP1 Single Records Procedure: Monitorin AFWO2 RAFWGO_SHOWEP2 Final Results Procedure: Monitoring AFWS SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCMaintain Segment Level Characterist AFX_WB AFX_WORKBENCH Archiving Workbench AIAB SAPMA15B Au C Assignment of Dist. session) AL13 RSTUNSHM Display Shared Memory (Expert mode) AL15 RSHOSTLD Customize SAPOSCOL destination AL16 RSHOST07 Local Alert Monitor for Operat. Grou BDXL RBDCUS57 Forward ALE Requests BDXM RBDCUS58 Analysis of Log Table BDXN RBDCUS59 Analyze Inbound Log Table BDXQ RBDCUS64 IMG Display of Distribution Groups BD10 RBDSEMAT Send Material BD100 RBDIDOCCHAN IDoc display object channel view BD101 RBDSERCHECK Consistency check BD11 RBDFEMAT Get Material BD12 RBDSEDEB Send customer BD13 RBDFEDEB Get customer BD14 RBDSECRE Send vendor BD15 RBDFECRE Open vendor BD16 RBDSECOS Send Cost Center BD17 RBDFECOS Get Cost Center BD18 RBDSEGLM Send General Ledger Account BD19 RBDFEGLM Get General Ledger Account BD20 RBDAPP01 IDoc passed to application BD21 RBDMIDOC Select change pointer BD22 RBDCPCLR Delete change pointers BD23 RBDSRCLR Delete serialization data BD24 RBDSECOE Send Cost Elements BD25 RBDSECOA Send Activity Type BD26 RBDFECOA Get Activity Type BD27 RBDSEACT Send cost center activity prices BD28 RBDSECOK Send obj/cost element control data BD30 RBDSEBOM Distribute material object list BD31 RBDSEBMD Distribute document object list BD32 RBDSEPAM Distribute plant allocations(mat BOM BD33 RBDSESTT Distribute material variants (ALE) BD34 RBDSEORD Distribute order BOM BD35 RGSALEBP Send Business Process Groups BD36 RBDSEBPS Send Business Processes BD37 RBDSEBPT Send Business Process Price BD40 RBDSER01 Read change pointer for group BD41 RBDSER02 Dispatch IDocs for group BD42 RBDSER03 Check IDocs for group BD43 RBDSER04 Post IDocs for group BD53 RBDIDOCR Reduction of Message Types BD61 RBDTBDA1 Activate Change Pointers - Generall BD62 SAPMKCDB Define Segment Conversion Rule BD63 RBDCUS02 Transport ALE Tables of Message Typ BD64 SAPLBDDISTMODELMaintenance of Distribution Model BD70 RBDCUS03 Synchronize Number Ranges BD72 RBDEVACT Activate Events BD73 RBDMANIN Reposting of IDocs (ALE) BD75 RBDMOIND Convert IDoc Status BD77 RBDTRAN1 Distribution of control data BD78 RBDTRAN2 Monitoring control data distributio BD79 SAPMBKCD Maintain IDoc Conversion Rules BD82 RBDCUS15 Generate Partner Profiles BD83 RBDAGAIN Send IDocs after an ALE error BD84 RBDAGAI2 Post IDocs after ALE error BD85 RBDCUS23 Consistency check for transfer BD86 RBDCUS26 Consistency check for sales BD87 RBDMON00 Status Monitor for ALE Messages BD89 RBDCUS31 Control data model. Comp/Init: Ntwk; Acty; It CN26N RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat.

So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well. - initial scree BD91 RBDSECHR Send Characteristic BD92 RBDSECLS Send Class BD93 RBDSECLF Send Classification BD97 RBDSDEST Assign RFC dest. Components (From DMS) CN27 SAPLCORU Collective confirm.

SET Hierarchies for BW BW09 RPHALPRH BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP B BW10 RPHALGEN BW20PI: Log. Hierarchy for BW BYPASS RFTP_GDS_BYPASSBypass for All Reservation Systems B1B2 RPCYERK3 Create Magnetic Media files CAAT RVFTCAAT Foreign Trade Atrium CAA0 SAPMC27V Process instr.

usage in recipes CAA5 SAPMC27V Mass replace proc.instr. Set in Task Lists CA95N CP_REF_TSK_MASSMass Change: Ref. CA96 SAPLCPSR Update material master CA97 SAPLCP13 Mass scheduling using mat.

Partner Using Reference BPC5 SAPMBP01 Change Business Partner - Copy BPMD RAVC0ALA Master Data Tab BPMDCS RAVC0ALA Master Data Tab BPMDFI RAVC0ALA Customer Company Code Master Data BPMDGD RAVC0ALA Master Data Tab BPMDSD RAVC0ALA Customer Company Code Master Data BP0 SAPLBUPA_DIALOGBusiness Partner; Initial Screen BRF BRF_SCREEN_STARBusiness Rule Framework BRFU01 BRF_MAINTENANCEBRF: Compare SAPscript Texts BSVV SAPMBSVW Parameterizable status workflow evn BSVW RSBSVW01 Linkage Status Update-Workflow Even BSV1 RBSVDISP Where-used list for transaction BSV2 RBSVDISP Where-used list for system status BSV3 RBSVDISP Where-used list for object type BSV4 RBSVDISP Status Profile Overview BS02 SAPMBSVA Maintain status profiles BS03 SAPMBSVA Display status profiles BS12 SAPMBSVB Maintain object types BS13 SAPMBSVB Display object types BS22 SAPMBSVB Maintain system status BS23 SAPMBSVB Display system status BS32 SAPMBSVB Maintain processes BS33 SAPMBSVB Display processes BUA1 BUSSTART Create contact person BUA2 BUSSTART Change contact person BUA3 BUSSTART Display contact person BUBD BUSVIEWS Bu PR: Applications BUBE BUSVIEWS Bu PR: Views BUBF BUSVIEWS Bu PR: Sections BUBG BUSVIEWS Bu PR: Screens BUBH BUSVIEWS Bu PR: Screen Seq. Cat BUBR BUSVIEWS BP: Field Grpg Via Activity (Cust) BUBV BUPRELDI BP: Maintenance Without Dialog BUBW BUBFILED BP: Generate Test File (DI) BUBX BUSVIEWS BP: Activities BUBY BUSVIEWS BP: Field Grpg via Activity (Ctrl) BUBZ BUSVIEWS BP: External Applications BUB1 BUPRELCR Bu PR: Create BP relationship BUB2 BUPRELSU Bu PR: Change BP relationship BUB3 BUPRELSU Bu PR: Display BP relationship BUB4 BUPRELCR Bu PR: Create BP role definition BUB5 BUPRELSU Bu PR: Change BP role definition BUB6 BUPRELSU Bu PR: Display BP role definition BUB9 SAPMSNUM Bu PR: No. errors COIB SAPLCOIB As-Built for Serialized Material COID SAPLCOIS Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI COIF PPPIFHWTXT Production Memos COIK PPPIM000 Picking list COIO PPPIA000 Order Info System for PP-PI COMLI WIP_CLOSE_ACTIVPost WIP Closing for Activities COMP SAPL0C27 Customizing Missing Parts Info Syst CONC SAPMSNUM No. Relshp CORK SAPLCORU Process Order Confirmations (Total) CORO SAPLCOKO Create Process Order w/o Material CORP ROOP0013 Control Parameters for Proc. Orders CO06 SAPLATP4 Backorder Processing CO07 SAPLCOKO1 Create order without a material CO08 SAPLCOKO1 Production order with sales order CO09 SAPLATP4 Availability Overview CO1F SAPLCORU Create confirmation of prod. Process.: Activity Price Repor CPB1 RKAEP000 Business Processes: Act. Processes CPCA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla CPCB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.

Variants BUBI BUSVIEWS Bu PR: Events BUBJ BUSVIEWS Bu PR: GUI Standard Functions BUBK BUSVIEWS Bu PR: GUI Addl Functions BUBL BUSVIEWS Bu PR: Assgn Scr. range maintenance: BP rel BUCF SAPMSNUM BP Cust: Number Ranges BUCG BUSVIEWS BP Cust: BP Role Field Grouping BUCH BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity BUCJ BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Authorization Types BUCN BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Field Grps f. Range for Ctrl Recipes: COCB_CRID CONM SAPMSNUM No. Messages: COCB_MSI CONV01 CONV_DISPLAY_APConverter: Display application log CONV02 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert document CONV03 CONV_CONVERT_BOConvert a BOM assembly CONV04 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert Document Structure CONV20 CONV_FREE_CONVEReset Converter(s) Status(es) CON1 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Prod. Orders CORR CORUPICONF1 Collective Entry of Confirmations CORS SAPLCORU Cancel Process Order Confirmation CORT SAPLCORU Display Process Order Confirmation CORZ SAPLCORU Process Order: Time Event Confirmat COR1 SAPLCOKO Create Process Order COR2 SAPLCOKO Change Process Order COR3 SAPLCOKO Display Process Order COR5 SAPLCOKO Collective Process Order Release COR6 SAPLCORU Single Process Order Confirmation COR6N SAPLCORU_S Single Screen Entry of Confirmation COR7 SAPLCOKO Convert Planned Order to Proc. order CO1L CORUPRELIST Confirmation: List of requests CO1P CORUPROZ Predefined confirmation processes CO1V CORUPRECONF1 Confirmation: Fast entry of time tk CO10 SAPLCOKO1 Production order with project CO11 SAPLCORU Enter Time Ticket CO11N SAPLCORU_S Single Screen Entry of Confirmation CO12 CORUCOLCONF1 Collective Entry of Confirmations CO13 SAPLCORU Cancel confirmation of prod. order CO15 SAPLCORU Enter Production order Confirmation CO16 RMAFRU01 Conf.: Postprocessing error records CO16N RMAFRU03 Reprocessing Confirmation CO17 SAPLCORU Enter confirmation with reference CO19 SAPLCORU Enter Time Event CO20 PPCOFA00 Orders acc. Planning Log SOP CBP6 RCCBP_SOP_MODELStart SOP ext. planning CJT2 RKPEP010 Project Actual Payment Line Items CJVC RCNCC020 Value Category Checking Program CJV1 SAPLCJTR Create project version (simulation) CJV2 SAPLCJTR Change project version (simulation) CJV3 SAPLCJTR Display project version (simulation CJV4 SAPMCNVS Transfer project CJV5 SAPMCNVS Delete simulation version CJV6 SAPLCJVK Maintenance: Version administration CJV7 SAPMCNVS Display transfer log CJW1 RBPEWU1P EURO: Adjust Project Budget CJZ1 SAPLKAZB Act. Planning Model Init CBP7 RCCBP_SOP_MODELUpdate SOP ext. Grp BUSS BUP1 BUSSTART Create Business Partner BUP2 BUSSTART Change Business Partner BUP3 BUSSTART Display Business Partner BUSB BUSVIEWS BDT: Assign Screen Field-DB Field BUSC BUSVIEWS BDT: Field Grouping Criteria BUSD BUSVIEWS BDT: BP Roles BUSE BUSVIEWS BDT: BP Role Groupings BUSF BUSVIEWS BDT: Application Transactions BUSG BUSVIEWS BDT: Tables BUSH BUSVIEWS BDT: External applications BUSI BUSVIEWS BDT: Activities BUSJ BUSVIEWS BP Control: Func Mod. Field Grouping BUSP BUSCRCNT Generate Screen Containers BUS1 BUSVIEWS BDT: Applications BUS10 BUSVIEWS BDT: Search Help BUS11 BUSVIEWS BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field Grou BUS2 BUSVIEWS BDT: Field Groups BUS23 BUSVIEWS BP Tax: Data Sets BUS3 BUSVIEWS BDT: Views BUS4 BUSVIEWS BDT: Sections BUS5 BUSVIEWS BDT: Screens BUS6 BUSVIEWS BDT: Screen Sequences BUS7 BUSVIEWS BDT: Events BUS8 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Standard Functions BUS9 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Additional Functions BUTI BUPTDARK Update Without Dialog BUTJ BUPFILED Generate Test File (DI) BV01 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer/Securities Init. Scree BV02 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer / Loans Initial Screen BV03 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Trnsfr / Real Estate Init. Scree BV12 SAPMF69N BAV Display / Loans Initial Screen BV13 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Display/ Real Estate Init. transfer of operations for PP CI42N CIBDOP_DOWN_PP PP-PDC: Download Operations CI43 CIBDSTTA Transfer of master data for PP CI44 CIBDOPDE Delta transfer of operations for PP CI45 SAPCDUP2 Generate Upload Request CC2 CI45N CIBDCONF_REQUESGenerate Upload Request CC2 CI50 RCPIBA00 Transfer production requirements CI51 RCPIBZ00 Transfer production commitments CJAL RCJ_SEND_PROJECSend project CJA1 SAPLKAZB Proj.

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