Sedan service sports dating black car

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Sedan service sports dating black car

Audi-branded vehicles are produced in nine production facilities worldwide.

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The first Audi automobile, the Audi Type A 10/22 hp (16 k W) Sport-Phaeton, was produced in the same year, Audi started with a 2,612 cc inline-four engine model Type A, followed by a 3,564 cc model, as well as 4,680 cc and 5,720 cc models.

It used a powertrain shared with the Wanderer, but turned 180-degrees, so that the drive shaft faced the front.

Before World War II, Auto Union used the four interlinked rings that make up the Audi badge today, representing these four brands.

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However, Audi USA had used the slogan "Truth in Engineering" from 2007 to 2016, and have not used the slogan since 2016.

Automobile company Wanderer was originally established in 1885, later becoming a branch of Audi AG.

At the same time, six-cylinder and four-cylinder (the "four" with a Peugeot engine) models were manufactured.

Audi cars of that era were luxurious cars equipped with special bodywork.

His former partners sued him for trademark infringement.

The German Reichsgericht (Supreme Court) in Leipzig, Since August Horch was prohibited from using "Horch" as a trade name in his new car business, he called a meeting with close business friends, Paul and Franz Fikentscher from Zwickau.

However, this badge was used only on Auto Union racing cars in that period while the member companies used their own names and emblems.