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Audi-branded vehicles are produced in nine production facilities worldwide.The origins of the company are complex, going back to the early 20th century and the initial enterprises (Horch and the Audiwerke) founded by engineer August Horch; and two other manufacturers (DKW and Wanderer), leading to the foundation of Auto Union in 1932.

During this meeting, Franz's son was quietly studying Latin in a corner of the room.Several times he looked like he was on the verge of saying something but would just swallow his words and continue working, until he finally blurted out, "Father – audiatur et altera pars... " or "hear", which is "Audi" in the singular imperative form of "audire" – "to listen" – in Latin.wouldn't it be a good idea to call it audi instead of horch? The idea was enthusiastically accepted by everyone attending the meeting.These cars were successful even in sporting events.The first six-cylinder model Type M, 4,655 cc appeared in 1924.His former partners sued him for trademark infringement.

The German Reichsgericht (Supreme Court) in Leipzig, Since August Horch was prohibited from using "Horch" as a trade name in his new car business, he called a meeting with close business friends, Paul and Franz Fikentscher from Zwickau.

However, this badge was used only on Auto Union racing cars in that period while the member companies used their own names and emblems.

The technological development became more and more concentrated and some Audi models were propelled by Horch or Wanderer built engines.

Another company, NSU, which also later merged into Audi, was founded during this time, and later supplied the chassis for Gottlieb Daimler's four-wheeler. In 1902, he moved with his company to Reichenbach im Vogtland. Motorwagenwerke AG, a joint-stock company in Zwickau (State of Saxony).

On 14 November 1899, August Horch (1868–1951) established the company A. After troubles with Horch chief financial officer, August Horch left Motorwagenwerke and founded in Zwickau on 16 July 1909, his second company, the August Horch Automobilwerke Gmb H.

The four rings of the Audi logo each represent one of four car companies that banded together to create Audi's predecessor company, Auto Union.

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