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If you come across a profile that is basically empty or says “Just ask,” Ray says to put your guard up.

With that in mind, here are some profile pic problems that may warrant a pass.“It’s probably the most annoying thing when someone is using a meme or a photo that doesn’t clearly define who they are, hiding behind sunglasses or in a group,” says Ray, adding that the same can be said for blurry or unclear photos.When you’re dating online, transparency and trust are crucial—and a clear profile pic builds that. Swiping left and right until you give yourself borderline carpal tunnel, eventually matching with a few guys you think might be worth meeting IRL—only to find out during the first date that you have wasted your time on a total dud.Between Bumble, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge and whatever else is the romantic app du jour, scanning through profile after profile can sometimes seem daunting.I would like to find this so that I may begin the second journey of my life in which i let you know i my profile so please ask me whatever you would like…I think you are someone that is seeking the same as I and so I would love to pursue this friendship with you to see what happens…only if, at the very least, we would both have gained a great course, hopefully more…;-).. For instance the scammers often misspell stupid words.

Linda , Let’s I forget , I wanna let you Know That I would be Living the state for Now cos i heard a Called from The Dr that’s in charge of My dad sickness from The Hospital there In Nigeria That My dad is not really good that he want to see me .. A good example of this is the fake bank alerts email I recently got that had in the subject line this, ” your accuont will be locked.” I delete about at least 10 fake Paypal, e Bay and bank alerts a day. I have included some information about some other common online scams for your don’t hesitate to mail me and I will reply you back ….. You will be asked to travel overseas to meet with the scammers and complete the necessary paperwork.But Most especially i will soon be back to state soon I look forward to hearing from you again soon.. What are the basic qualities you seek for in a man? But before the transaction can be finalized, you must pay thousands of dollars in “taxes,” “attorney costs,” “bribes,” or other advance fees.Also, Ray warns to watch out for profiles with only one low-quality photo, since those can be indications of a scammer.Display pics are an opportunity to showcase different aspects of the user’s life.Read the letter and I will then explain to you how the old Nigeria scam works. My Late mom raised me to be fighter and always come out on top and that is what i plan on doing. My Dear Linda , am still having Difficult with my laptop for me to send more Pictures of me to you , hope this wont stop us from talking here and carrying the conversation to High level .. I also want someone that is always serious all the time…that is able to just “have fun” and balance this with responsibility..someone that is adventurous,loves the outdoors and laughing…I want someone that can appreciate quality in life but also the most simplistic things in life., but I want to share my life with someone.. Got to go now and Hope to read from you soon Randy There are tons of “tells” in this email.

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