Document dating examiners

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Document dating examiners

For questions or additional information, please email Barbara Giordano or call her at 585-475-2687.

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You have someone you can reach out to for help.” – Jim Hayes, forensic consultant at Hayes Forensic Consultants Seminar Schedule The 2018 program includes hands-on sessions and presentations concerning digital printing techniques, instrumentation, inks and more.

During the analysis of these documents, investigators must be careful not to destroy the evidence.

NIJ is committed to developing better methods to examine documents, while maintaining the integrity and preservation of evidence.

Master of Forensic Science; George Washington University.

She completed an intensive two-year training program at the FBI accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. Should you have a question concerning a case of specific examination, please do not hesitate to send an email: [email protected] call 1 (312) 343-9902.

So much so that in some cases, the executant may claim that he does not know the script in which the signaturtes under dispute are made or that he is an illiterate person.

However, it is not uncommon when documents are prepared under forged signature with a view to cheat others by claiming benefits thereunder from those whose signatures are forged and/or others. Signature admitted-Document challenged A good number of documents become subject-matter of litigation in which a clever forger prepares documents by using signatures obtained on blank paper by trickery or by using the available blank space above the signatures on some other documents and tearing off the portion containing previous writings.

This class of documents are the documents which are alleged to have been altered by removing some matter by erasing, by adding some strokes, words or lines in available blank space(s), substituting some words over erased words or altering some words by adding/deleting some strokes/letters.

The documents are also some times challenged on the basis of chronological order of the entries, identity of pen and ink, alteration in amount, obliterations, sequence of writing or typewriting with folds of paper i. whether the paper was folded before or after the writings. Challenged photocopies and carbon copies of document Sometimes, the photo copies and carbon copies of documents are challenged by alleging that these are not the true reproduction of the originals or that some alterations have been made in photocopy by addition or deletion of some portion(s) of writings during photo copying. Anonymous letters The document examiner often, has to handle anonymous letters written to perpetrate a foolish practical joke, for blackmailing, and/or threatening due to writer’s disturbed sex condition, love failure, family rivalry, religious or political prejudice etc.

In the past few decades, science has developed tremendously and most of these types of manipulations can be detected with certainty.

About In this four-day hands-on seminar, Rochester Institute of Technology brings together some of the leading experts in forensic document analysis to explore the latest printing processes and security features being used to authenticate documents as well as to replicate them. This seminar, now in its 16“It's a great program and very useful for all FDEs. In addition, the contacts with other FDEs and specialists is always beneficial.

When a question is raised about the authenticity of a document or a part thereof, that document becomes a questioned document, which is some times also referred to as a ‘disputed’ or ‘Contested’ document.