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It is wonderful to create a video production which includes your voice, ideal for recording video conferences and many similar occasions.

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Feel awful to wait in front of your PC for recording? Just to create your schedule task with a built-in recording timer provided by Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free.You can choose the shadow direction, text align, position, size, speed, font & background color, transparency, shadow as well as scrolling.There is also a time and date generator for creating Time Lapse Surveillance video.You can enter the authentication ID & password and send commands to remote control the camera according to your needs.This way it is easy to keep an eye on your home, office, parking area or anywhere you have an IP camera.With the inbuilt frame grabber, you can grab still images from your webcam or screen in one-shot mode or burst mode to save as BMP/JPEG format or save to clipboard for further usage.

It is available to set the number of frames to take or to skip between each capture.

Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free is pretty straight-forward video capture software application which does exactly what it says.

It helps capture video from a webcam, digital camera, USB cameras, PCI capture card, or video input device (e.g., VHS recorder) and so on.

This tool helps set up a schedule to start/stop the recording activities or create a new recording automatically after a certain period.

As long as you preset your task, just leave the rest to Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free, without the need for supervision.

User can define the position, size, transparency, and Chroma key for special needs.