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Indirect costs, such as salaries, are not included.” – Direct labor should be included in cost of revenue. Your employees wages is considered cost of revenue, so in this scenario you would have $90 in direct labor costs that would be included in your cost of revenue.Let’s say you own a junk removal business, and you get a job to clean up an old building. – Let’s say you own an accounting firm that audits companies.

By Adam Hoeksema When it comes to a service business, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) doesn’t quite make sense.

Often used for subscriptions, magazines and gym memberships, they do not offer the same customer guarantees as direct debits.

If you’re not sure how you’re paying, contact your bank, which should know.

It must tell a customer’s bank and apply for payments when due. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme, a provider must inform customers of changes.

These are set up on credit or debit cards and give permission for money to regularly be taken off cards by the service provider.

The Financial Services Authority publishes ‘Bank Accounts: Know Your Rights’, a free booklet offering advice on payment processes.

Call 08, uk/consumerinformation.'Always check what you are signing up for before handing over details, particularly if for a free trial.Companies claim the set-up enables payments to be handled hassle-free.But what providers fail to mention is that unless you order the bank to block payments, money could be syphoned out of your account for ever.Should a payment be made to a company later it will be deemed to be an unauthorised transaction and the bank will be liable for the payment.’ But the regulator points out simply cancelling a payment does not mean money is no longer owed.If there was a previous agreement, such as a minimum three months’ cancellation period for a gym membership, this money is still owed.If you want to cancel later, speak to the business first but you can also cancel with the bank or credit provider.

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