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I want to discuss these terms, as well as a few others. Human rights and human beings cannot continue to go unspoken, underrepresented and undermined.My only waiver statement is that I’m trying my best to be accurate, but I’m not perfect.

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If both are present, the term hermaphrodite may still be used, even though it is outdated Asexual: A person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction or who has low or no interest in sexual activity.

There is considerable diversity among the asexual community; each asexual person experiences things like relationships, attraction, and arousal somewhat differently.

The JT Powell Building is located in west campus, beside the Athletic Centre. 53327, Email: [email protected], Website: NAKED, formerly Speak OUT, works to communicate a wide array of issues pertaining to sexuality through interactive workshops and events.

Accessibility: Please ask Student Health Services (on the first floor of the JT Powell Building) for the key code for the elevator. They raise awareness and initiate education about issues related to oppression, diversity, and human rights.

Gender Binary: Recognizes only two genders and regulates behavior within narrowly male or female expectations.

Neutrois: non-binary gender identity which is considered to be a neutral or null gender.

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I got into a philosophical conversation today with some friends about how it is incredibly common for the masses to cut off the letters after “LGBT”.

Hardly anyone uses the other letters, or they go so far as Q.

Lesbian: A woman who is romantically, sexually, and/or affectionally attracted to women.

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    Who knew :) And fortunately for me (if I just wanted to “jump in” and start helping people), yet unfortunately for the general public, the niche isn’t all that regulated.

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