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13, which was reported in this piece for the Harvard Crimson.Here are early application decision notification dates for the Class of 2021.

When investigators asked Woodward about dirt under his nails and scratches on his hands, he told them he got them because he fell in a mud puddle as part of a “fight club,” the affidavit says. Woodward is scheduled to be arraigned in Central Jail in Santa Ana on Wednesday, when he is expected to be charged, a spokeswoman with the Orange County District Attorney tells PEOPLE. They are still investigating how well Woodward and Blaze knew each other when they attended high school at the Orange County School of the Arts —and why they were in the park together on the last night Blaze was seen alive.“We are saddened to hear, on the day we laid our son to rest, that gruesome details of the cause of his death were published,” the Bernsteins wrote, the reports. We are in solidarity with our son and the LGBTQ community.“Our son was a beautiful gentle soul who we loved more than anything. “If it is determined that this was a hate crime, we will cry not only for our son, but for LGBTQ people everywhere that live in fear or who have been victims of [a] hate crime.” The family has asked that contributions be made to the Blaze Bernstein Memorial Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County.It won’t be long before the first early admission decisions are released. Here’s our annual list of early decision notification dates!The college admissions season has been relatively uneventful for the class of 2022, after a few years of major changes like the new SAT, the release of the Coalition application, and more.Blaze’s Snapchat account led investigators to Woodward, Barnes said. Blaze Was a Pre-Med Student and Editor of Campus Food Magazine Blaze’s father, Gideon Bernstein, told reporters that his son had just become the managing editor of Penn Appétit, a food magazine at the University of Pennsylvania.

“He was very excited about that,” Gideon said, according to the .DNA evidence found inside Woodward’s vehicle and at the crime scene at the park allegedly ties him to the murder, the report. Blaze Was Stabbed More Than 20 Times as Authorities Investigate Possible ‘Act of Rage’ Authorities have not yet said how they believe Blaze was killed.Hundreds attended Monday’s memorial service for the promising Ivy League student, as new details in the shocking case emerge. But on Monday the Woodward told investigators that Blaze kissed him on the lips – and that he pushed the teen away, according to the affidavit.The Common Application, however, did see some changes for the 2017-18 admissions season.Admission rates reached record-lows for the class of 2021, so students, especially those applying to highly competitive institutions, are looking for ways to stand out in order to gain admission to their top-choice colleges.Applying early decision or early action to a college is a big decision, and can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety for college bound students.