Is jessica lange dating sarah paulson

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She says she loves whoever [sic] she loves, and Sarah makes her really happy.” [From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 3, 2012] Good for them.

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No, it’s not , and the on-going behind-the-scenes struggle between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

Could you figure out a way to turn this into a scene?

' They challenge me."Murphy, who has worked with Lange since the inception of "They are both two women that I'm close to and I call them up and talk to them about everything," Murphy explains. But they're both perfectionists and they give everything to a project and then they get exhausted and then you have to wait until they are restored and get B vitamin drips.

I want to have closure on some of the plotlines from last season, particularly the demon spawn kid, but honestly I don’t remember enough of them to care too much.

If you’d like to see some teasers for the upcoming season, FX has put six short video previews on Facebook. Update: The Daily Mail reports that Jessica Lange’s “spokeman” told them “These photos are from 8-12-12 (Sarah in a red floral dress), 3-2-12 (Sarah in the multicolor floral dress, Jessica in red), 3-10-11 (Sarah in red, Jessica in blue) and 8-20-11 (Sarah in black, Jessica in red).

Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange are often recognized for their myriad roles on American Horror Story, but if it wasn't for Lange, Paulson would have never been a part of the show.

In this week's issue of Adweek, Paulson revealed that she first met writer Ryan Murphy during a guest appearance on season two of Nip/Tuck, but she had no idea "that was going to lead to my world spinning on the Ryan Murphy axis." Murphy later cast Paulson in a 2008 pilot of another FX show, though it never got picked up and the two eventually lost contact — that is, until Lange got involved.

Lange, who first met Paulson in 2005 when they costarred in Broadway's The Glass Menagerie, had been hanging out with Paulson after moving to LA to film American Horror Story's first season in 2011.

"LA is really not her town, so she was glad I was there," Paulson said while recalling the time she accompanied Lange to a Murphy event.

"It's great fun to call up Jessica Lange even if she's not going to be in something and say, ‘Do you think this is something I should do? [Laughs.] But I love them both and I think of them for everything that I do just because I love being around them.", which takes a deep dive into the insanity behind the scenes—and ultimately up on the stage—of the 1964 Academy Awards (Bette Davis was nominated; Joan was not) feels like a lock for its own awards glory.

The directing, the acting, the writing, the set design, the hair and makeup and costuming—they're all devastatingly sophisticated and the only shame of it all is that the episode does end. We loved it."Hear more about what Murphy has to say about the "terrifying and exhilarating" task of re-creating Hollywood history in the video above, and his thoughts on Paulson and Lange in the video at top.

Are you desperately missing the dream-team of Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange in your life?