Paget brewster dating steve damstra

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On February 15, 2012, Brewster announced via Deadline that she was leaving Criminal Minds at the end of the season to pursue a possible career in comedy television.On April 23, 2012, Brewster completed filming her final episode of Criminal Minds.

Her best known roles are Kathy on NBC's Friends (first as Joey's girlfriend and later Chandler's), Emily Prentiss on CBS's Criminal Minds and Elise on The Hub's Dan Vs.Coming towards her personal life, Paget Brewster has been married to Steve Damstra since 2014.Pisces Concord, Massachusetts, USALos Angeles, California, USABrewster went to a boarding school in New England and later educated at Parsons School of Design from where she dropped out to pursue an acting career.Brewster's first role after Criminal Minds was portraying a bureau chief ADA in the Public Integrity Unit of the District Attorney's office on NBC's long-running legal drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.Her character was tasked with handling the case against Special Victims Unit commanding officer Captain Donald Cragen (Dann Florek), who had fallen under suspicion of murder after waking up beside a dead woman in the 13th season finale.She continued to wait tables and bartend as well as become in involved in several bands.

In the mid '90s she moved to San Francisco and enrolled in acting classes.

Her other major roles included Sadie Doyle on the Thrilling Adventure Hour, Dodo Bellacourt in Another Period and Sara Kingsley in the series Grandfathered.

Along with television, Brewster as well starred in a number of films such as The Big Bad Swim, Sublime and Welcome to Happiness.

In the mid-1990s, she moved to San Francisco and enrolled in acting classes.

Paget earned recognition and success in her recurring role as Kathy in the fourth season of NBC’s Friends.

On the March 30, 2006, episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Brewster revealed that she had recently received a handwritten note indicating Hugh Hefner would like her to pose for Playboy.

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