Error validating crumb

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Error validating crumb - why dating in high school is bad

And because we have this subconscious knowingness that we’re holding ourselves to an unachievable standard, we become avoidant; scared to face and acknowledge the time that we’ve wasted thus far. We further invest into the bullsh*t mindset of “must prove wrong. I was the most reliant on validation in my romantic relationsh*ts.And because I never got more than a dirty drop of water from the empty well that was my emotionally and empathetically void partner, I relied heavily on validation in the form of FBI investigating.

Once the breakup ensued, my need for validation didn’t end with the relationsh*t. Because I never felt valid in the relationsh*t, I made it my mission to attain that well-deserved validation now that we were broken up.

when you have the ability to validate yourself, you become “the one that got away,” by default).

I’ve let go of expectations from others and because of that, have raised the ones that I have for myself.

And THAT my friends, is how you build the kind of confidence, allure and X-Factor-irreplicable-coolness that supersedes ANY physical attribute. I’m so happy and blessed to be a part of this tribe. Imagine if we expend that on ourselves, so untouchable and so badass. but the old me would’ve hung around for years, so at least i see improvement. I have been following your blog since October 2016 and I can tell you today I have done a complete 360. I thought my new bf was so sweet and everything I wished for, but I see now that he is just as emotional unavailable as my ex.

That’s how to stop seeking validation and live life on your terms 🙂 ♡ to you all. Natasha, I was going throw a hard breakup and this blog helped me to stand on my feet, I even saw my ex by excdient couple days ago and because of this blog I was strong enough to not even say hi (I was in another point one year ago). You have saved me days, weeks, and months of misery by helping me get back on my feet and continue to pull through. He was so sweet in the beginning, but just like mye ex he has showed who he is over time.

CRUMBS Locations in the DC Metro area: East End 604 Eleventh Street, NW (F street) Washington, DC Ph. 202-408-1001 Clarendon 2839 Clarendon Boulevard Arlington, VA Ph.

703-524-4001 Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: 190: Error validating application. Just reading the above bullet points exhausts and embarrasses me.It’s one thing to have a talk and express your feelings, but when it gets to the point that you’re rying to get a grown adult to acknowledge why something that was hurtful was indeed hurtful… EVERYONE needs limits and I had I encountered this with friendsh*ts as well.I no longer prioritize being jealous, being seen, being “heard,” being right, “winning,” being the “gotcha!” police, having the last word, ensuring a slot (at the expense of my dignity), in “the one that got away” zone, etc.Validation seeking is a form of perfectionism and just like perfection, it’s the lowest standard that you can hold yourself to. I used to be dependent on both positive and negative validation to take ANY action in my life.

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