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Included in the collection are over 10,000 individual video game titles, 5,000 children’s educational games, 100 different hand held models, and a large collection of electronic toys, such as Tamagotchi and Webkinz.

At the Niagara Science Museum, you can see a vast array of historic and antique scientific instruments but they are all to be found in perfectly reconstructed historically accurate laboratories.This is a museum worth visiting for those who love the old-style mechanical games and those who want to see a rudimentary precursor to the modern electronic games – which leads us to our next museum: the National Center for Electronic Games.[Image Source] Address: One Manhattan Square, Rochester, New York, 14607, United States The full name of this museum is “The National Center for the History of Electronic Games”.This is a definite must-see not just for those interested in biology, but anyone interested in man’s attempts to protect against future catastrophes.The facility currently has a capacity to conserve 4.5 million seed samples.[Image Source] Address: 31005 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, 48334, United States Nestled behind and between two shopping malls, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum party-storish pink-awned exterior belies the utter visual cacophony that will assault your senses upon entering the premises.

Once your eyes become accustomed to the light they will feast upon 5500 square feet of horror vacui style decoration consisting of old arcade games, automata, model airplanes, vintage fans, and other objects entirely suited to the venue.The National Center for the History of Electronic Games (NCHEG) is located at the Strong National Museum of Play, the only museum in the world solely dedicated to exploring the history of play and its broader impact on society.The permanent collection includes an extensive range of over 20,000 games and consoles, from the early years of the Atari models to today’s Nintendo Wii.When you visit the Titan Missile Museum you get to see up close the missile used for training exercises (the original functioning missile is not there for obvious reasons), the control room, and the living quarters (designed to survive a direct attack).The coolest part of the tour is the simulated launch which involved the two-key ignition system with secret codes.With approximately 1.5 million distinct seed samples of agricultural crops thought to exist, the Svalbard Seed Bank can store roughly three of each sample. Duval Mine Rd., Sahuarita, Arizona, United States The Titan Missile Museum is the only megaton missile silo from the Cold War that admits tourists.

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