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These specially designed programs allow children of all ages to take part in a variety of sports, games and activities....Arnie has been missing from Carleton Place, Ontario for 9 months now.

Put your left arm in, your right arm out, in out, in out, shake it all about….. In the lead up to the June 23rd vote, campaigning had become dirty, nasty politics…gloves were off. A sadness hung over the media as if everyone’s mother had died.

I woke at 4.30am that morning and turned on the television set. When I arrived at 5.15 am there were five or six photographers gathered outside Johnson’s home. That simple choice between IN or OUT had become more complex, divisive and painful than any of us could have imagined.

By 7am that number had grown to some sixty or seventy people. Shock and dismay lingered in the fresh morning air. End.’ epa05656142 A b/w version of epa05171798British Prime Minister David Cameron walks out of No.

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage in support for ‘Leave’ travelled the country, as did the Prime Minister David Cameron who led the ‘IN’ campaign. In the hours and days that followed senior politicians grappled for power. ‘Brexit means Brexit’ we were told, and we’re going to make the best of it!

US President Barack Obama intervened with a visit to Downing Street calling for a ‘Remain’ vote. A team of Brexitiers was formed to drive us forward.

I have exhausted my search and am now offering a reward for any information/leads that will bring him home.

Arnie is a male, neutered and approximately 3 years old.

epa/Andy Rainepa05656146 A b/w version of epa05202795Copies of Britain’s ‘The Sun’ newspapers are sold at a store in London, Britain, 09 March 2016.

The Sun newspaper has published a story indicating that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was backing for a Brexit on its front page on 09 March.

epa/Andy Rainepa05656150 A b/w version of epa05525660Pro Brexit supporters protest outside of the parliament calling for Article 50 to be invoked in London, Britain, 05 September 2016.

Brexit Minister David Davis’ is delivering a statement to the Commons on the government’s latest plans for leaving the EU.

By 8am Prime Minister David Cameron was delivering his statement of resignation in the street at Downing Street. 10 Downing Street to deliver a statement on his EU deal in London, Britain, 20 February 2016.

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