Who is jose canseco dating

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but all eyes were on Josie and the white hot bikini.The fashion model and the rapper have been dating since 2015 -- with Stud even featuring Canseco in some of his music videos.

Former slugger Jose Canseco tells Us Weekly magazine that the Material Girl's people approached him in 1991, saying "she was interested in meeting me." Even though Canseco was married at the time, "I'm Cuban and she wanted a Cuban child.

She wanted to get married and have a child with me." The former Oakland A and onetime Yankee also revealed that Madonna "came over and said 'what would you do if I kissed you? "I then told her I was trying to work things out with my wife.

That if I left her I would lose a lot of money and she said, 'I have lots of money.

toofab: In the first episode, one of Mike's friends remarks that he could have a "line of girls" waiting to "take their turns" with him after his shows.

Josie, how do you deal with that and were you worried at all?

At the time, rumors spread claiming that they were about to split.

However, the two acted maturely and made their relationship work.

We were new, but we were very involved very quickly, hot and heavy.

She was open to it and interested in coming and interested in trying to make it all work. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to understand all of that stuff and to go with the flow and I think that's why Josie and I have worked a lot better and a lot longer than other people looking in would have expected.

She really has been understanding and adaptable with our situation and we've grown through it all.

There's definitely been hard times and humps to get over but she continues to do it, we both continue to do it.

Despite all the rumors, the couple is still going strong.

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