Too intimidating

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Too intimidating

Change the way you are perceived and let others to see the positive qualities in you.Color psychology is a simple but very effective tool to create or enhance your image!

It has the psychological power to influence emotion.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me a few years ago.

Being the person I was, I started to try to tone down my personality.

So, being a woman who used to mold and fold herself to meet society’s standards of “the girl he wants to date,” I started Googling to see exactly what men found intimidating in a woman, all in an effort to fix it in myself.

The answers I found were actually super enraging — especially on one particular Reddit post I’d stumbled across.

I’d ask my date a lot of questions about his life, so that I wasn’t talking about my job or my studio apartment all that much.

If I disagreed with him on anything, I’d avoid even a friendly debate, and smile tightly and change the subject.I tried to make myself appear smaller so I wouldn’t overshadow the man I was out with. A string of egocentric assholes who wanted to me small so that they felt bigger.The men who I wanted to be dating, on the other hand, wouldn’t call me for a second date, because they’re men who like forthright, independent, complicated women — and that’s not who I was being.A color expert who has worked in the area of psychology, she brings her passion for color psychology into her work with her clients, offering in-depth, authoritative advice on the effects and use of color for their appearance and image.Her consultancy Imago Image specializes in personal and corporate image, offering counsel on style, the art of dressing, wardrobe, color analysis, grooming, etiquette and protocol and communication skills.It took me a while to understand that, by covering up my supposedly intimidating attributes, I wasn’t “fixing” myself; I just wasn’t being true to myself.

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