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Its popularity increased and, due to its location on Route 66, tourists stopped, shopped for and bought pottery.

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Although as a collectible, Frankoma Pottery is always in demand, the plant struggled in recent years to increase sales of its new products and was unable to remain profitable.

In August, 2008, Joe Ragosta bought Frankoma from Det and Crystal Merryman who had purchased it in 2005.

Ragosta plans to rejuvenate the sometimes struggling factory by streamlining the manufacturing process and cutting down on waste.

Basically, he wants to build on the past with updated designs and colors.

His purchase includes the factory, showroom, seven acres of property and the Frankoma brand.

The new dinnerware will feature a hand-dripped paint design that will resemble raindrops and will be called Rain.

Although not a limited edition, Frankoma issued a 2007 Oklahoma Centennial plate, the first collectors edition plate the plant has produced in 15 years.Native American and Western-inspired Frankoma Pottery is most recognizable in the colors of Prairie Green and Desert Gold.Other glazes include: Sky Blue, Autumn Yellow, Black, Brown Satin, Flame, Redbud, Peach Glow, Robin Egg Blue, White Sand, and Woodland Moss.Frankoma has enjoyed increased publicity from exposure on various television shows, by Martha Stewart's personal collection, in antique and collectible malls throughout the United States and on online auctions.The pottery is still affordable and is both visually pleasing and functional.Even though they attempted to create beautiful things that the average person could afford, the business struggled as pottery wasn't received well in the Depression years.