Dating violence scenario

16-Apr-2020 12:54 by 8 Comments

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Many people are wondering why the left has become a recruiting agent for the right by promoting or engaging in violence. When a parent tells a child that he can’t eat candy for every meal, and the child doesn’t have a logical argument about the merits of eating that candy, what does he do?

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The fake news, already on its last legs, must be replaced by organizations that are not so vehemently anti-American, academia must be purged, and all globalist traitors working in government, both on the Federal and state level, must be removed from positions of power.

Soros wants to create so much hate, animosity, and chaos that any resulting conflict has a chance of him holding absolute power, compared to the current situation where he has “only” a moderate amount.

In other words, he rather take the chance of war to solidify his grip further.

The left has decided that they no longer want to live among people who share different views than them.

They are plugging their fingers in their ears while yelling racist, fascist, Nazi, and Hitler.

A confirmation of the left’s defeat is apparent when you see how their maniacal behavior converts more people, especially moderates, against them.

The biggest recruiting tool against the left has become the left.

All the gains that took them decades to achieve will be lost if we ravage and rape their power structures.

With a hot civil war, the left has a 25% chance to win, a bet they are willing to take even though there is a high chance they will be among the first to die in the conflict.

The FBI must uphold the law and punish those who break it, and municipalities or universities that allow illegal acts must be punished through withholding of Federal funds.

This will immediately shrink the number of violent agitators on the left and limit the power of their institutions.

The child must therefore be commanded for its own good, because it does not have the capability to take care of itself or understand the consequences of its actions.