Gay jewish dating

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Yes, you can be an observant Jew, and you can be gay at the same time.”Panelists spoke about how coming out is a continual process, whether it be to family, friends or co-workers.

reported earlier this week on a new dating site for gay and lesbian Jews seeking to couple up and have children together.

14 program, “Navigating Jewish and Queer.”Pride co-chairs Sam Dubin, 25, of West Bloomfield and Steven Davis, 37, of Ferndale are hoping that events like this create a “new kind of Jewish family” and open dialogue of being LGBT and Jewish.

They want others to know that these identities need not be mutually exclusive.

", a partnership recognized as "civil marriage" when they return to Israel.

Yet the idea of Israel's religious law accepting LGBTQ couples is still a distant pipe dream.

The panelists, ranging from their 50s to their teens, discussed how much has changed in terms of acceptance over the decades.

With the onset of LGBT-friendly youth group chapters, Birthright trips to Israel and gay-oriented interpretations of the weekly Torah portion, they spoke of how far the Jewish community has come, yet at the same time, how far it should go to welcome LBGT Jews.It appears these people acknowledge their LGBTQ identity isn't a "phase," but want to stay in the closet nonetheless. I made a list and even set some people up," Eran said to "But, as the requests multiplied, I decided that it was in everybody's interest to make a framework for it and give people a place where they could find the kind of relationship that they're looking for." People on Eran's site have wildly diverse expectations for the arrangement, ranging from an open policy on extramarital affairs to users, like "Seeking Truth," who wrote this message: "I'm looking for a woman who doesn't want to follow her orientation, but rather wants to make a real and Jewish home.I'm not looking for a woman who's interested in extra-marital liaisons!He said he has lived in Orthodox Jewish communities where some “very frum” friends muse they observe 612 commandments.“We need to come to an age of co-existing realities."I don't see the Rabbinate [official legal body of rabbis] or the Knesset [Israeli parliament] changing it or allowing gay marriage," Yosef said.

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