Vb6 datagrid row cannot be located for updating

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Vb6 datagrid row cannot be located for updating

You know, the kind of sites many of you (including myself) are building right now.

While previous versions of ASP (now referred to as "classic ASP") allowed for some separation in the form of COM components or ASP classes, this usually wasn't done as it was quite cumbersome and hard to maintain. NET it's much easier to create reusable, object oriented classes that can be consumed by web applications and other types of applications.Besides the forementioned SQL scripts and database, the download also contains the full source for the demo application in C#.Layered development or multi-layer development refers to a development model where presentation, business logic and data are separated.However, it's a design that has worked for me in the past and still works today.It works best in many day-to-day small to medium sized web sites.Part two then shows you how to implement the code for these objects, while part three deals with using the business objects in a real-world web application.

The entire series (including this current article) can be found here: The article uses a SQL Server 2005 Express database which is easy to use in development scenario's.What should these objects be capable of and how do they look?How do these business objects interact with other parts of the system?Similarly, you should be able to remove a SQL Server specific DAL and replace it with an Oracle or Microsoft Access version without the Presentation layer even noticing the difference.In the diagram in figure 1 you see a process go around in a counter clockwise direction. This is part 1 of the article series "Building Layered Web Applications" that shows you how to build N-Layer applications with Microsoft ASP. These articles teach you how to design, build and use custom business objects in your web application.

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