1st base 2nd base 3rd base dating relationships

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1st base 2nd base 3rd base dating relationships

The episodes selected emphasize the issue-oriented side of the show and are not necessarily the funniest.Following Bea Arthur's departure, the series was revamped into the unsuccessful Production credits: A Witt Thomas Harris Production Executive producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas Produced by: Kathy Speer, Terry Grossman Co-produced by: Marsha Posner Williams Created by: Susan Harris Supervising producer: Paul Bogart Executive story consultant: Winifred Hervey Executive script consultants: Mort Nathan, Barry Fanaro Creative consultant: Liz Sage Associate directors: Jon Sharp, Gary Shimokawa, Doug Smart Editorial assistant: Lex Passaris Charles Levin [ Coco ], Frank Aletter [ Harry ], F.

The day of the wedding dawns and Rose has a sinking feeling about Harry, but Dorothy prevents her from telling Blanche.

Rose saves the day by forcing the doctor to come clean about his behavior.

Billy Jacoby [ David ], John Hostetter [ Policeman ], Karl Wiedergott [ Boy #1 ] A visit from Blanche's undisciplined 14-year-old grandson David, whose parents are on a second honeymoon in an attempt to patch up their shaky marriage, gives new meaning to the term "generation gap." A bit of hard love in the form of household chores helps David discover a new sense of self-worth, but the plan backfires when the boy announces he wants to live in Florida with his grandmother.

Clayton makes an unmistakable pass at her while still dating Dorothy.

Blanche confides in Rose, who urges her to tell Dorothy the truth, but when Dorothy accuses Blanche of lying, Blanche tells Dorothy to move out.

Back on shore, a game of gin serves as a catalyst for Dorothy and Sophia to come to a new mutual understanding.

Sheree North [ Virginia ] Blanche is dreading a visit from her hated sister Virginia, who always took everything that meant anything to Blanche.

Meanwhile, Blanche is upset that Dorothy has agreed to baby-sit for a friend whose husband is in the hospital; and only adjusts to the presence of the baby just as he returns to his parents. Elliot Clayton ] The doctor who comes to treat Sophia's high blood pressure captivates both Dorothy and Blanche, and for once Dorothy beats out Blanche and dates "the most attractive man to hit Florida since Mr.

John Forsythe played Hamlet at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre." Blanche is jealous until Dr.

Ralph Manza [ Augustine Bagatelli ] It's Sophia and Rose vs. The bet: if Sophia's team wins, Dorothy will lend her airfare for a trip to Sicily with her old beau Augustine.

Dorothy deliberately blows an easy spare to allow Sophia to win, and is rewarded with Sophia's pair of silver earrings she has always coveted.

NOTE: This episode establishes the "post-feminist" premise of the series: despite their sexual and romantic yearnings for men, the four women really find support only in the solidarity of the family they construct for themselves.

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