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HR involvement can restore a good work environment.

If the applicant doesn’t meet the minimum, they at least know what is required and can strive to meet the requirements through a training course or going back to school. HR is crucial with addressing employment relations – issues can turn a nice work environment into a hostile work environment if not brought to HR’s attention. Regardless of the issue, employees can speak honestly and freely with Human Resources without the worry of retaliation.

The applicant can determine if they meet the minimum requirements.

If they do, they are encouraged to apply through completion of application and attached resume.

Typically, positions were lower level opportunities. Once positioned, it was difficult getting out of a cast that was made for you by a personnel clerk.

[Example: Personnel decided whether you are a ‘good fit’ or not (never referred to the hiring manager for an interview based on meeting the minimum).

But if you drink alcohol, which is addictive and designed to make you thirsty (so you drink more) and acts as a disinhibitor (encouraging behaviour that you would not normally engage in) then how is that a weakness or defect in yourself?

Now I’m not handing total responsibility for my actions over to the booze monster as the choice to pick up the first drink was always mine.Back then, finding a position involved getting dressed, going onsite to the employer’s Personnel office.You would be greeted by the clerk that would give an application to complete.The right to apply for any position, even the ones not qualified (HR can be straight forward and tell candidates they don’t meet the minimum requirements), but everyone is welcome to apply.It especially means, no one will be denied because of race / color, religion, sex (or sexual orientation), or national origin.Prior to Human Resources, employees endured difficulty with no recourse other than quitting.