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Official Canon firmware updates (if available) can be found here at the Canon website or in this list here.Note: You cannot update your firmware from a CHDK "firmware dump". BIN files are only useful for CHDK development purposes - you cannot load them back onto a camera.

You can look at this page to see if your camera is one of them and maybe help out : Test releases not available in autobuilds For Windows, Mac and Linux users there is a tool available to identify the firmware version of your camera and automatically download the right build - ACID. Windows users can also extract the firmware version number with wim's Camera Version tool Yet another way to create the file is to open the memory card in My Computer, right click inside the window and select New... An empty text document will be created and you can rename it to "ver.req" (be sure to have windows display the file-extension, otherwise it will become "txt").The camera does not need to have "related" or "inherent" features already present— CHDK will add the required functionality.New features are accessed through CHDK-specific menus, rather than the default camera menus.If your camera model is supported, but your particular firmware version isn't, a developer is still needed although they may be able to do it without access to the camera. In rare cases, you may be able to update your cameras firmware to a supported version. How can I get the original firmware version number of my camera Finally, please do not volunteer as a tester hoping that will attract a developer to work on your camera.If you are actually willing to spend hours and hours trying different builds of the CHDK software and live through crashes and reloads and partially working software, and then document in detail what you discover, the developers will welcome your help.It is likely that any Canon Powershot based on the DIGIC II, DIGIC III or DIGIC 4 platforms can be supported, although it is impossible to be sure until someone starts work on a particular model. CHDK is really cool and you would really like to have it for your brand new camera.

Unfortunately, CHDK ports don't happen on a schedule.

Use the Linux/*nix method above in the Terminal application, or, open a blank document in Text Edit, then choose save, and save as , then select the root folder on your memory card from the menu provided.

Important: in the Save drop-down menu, change plain text encoding from Western (Mac OS Roman) to Unicode (UTF-16), and uncheck "if no extension is provided, use .txt" (if you don't see these options then you need to select "Make Plain Text" from the Format menu). Note: your camera's firmware version is NOT or !

Please note that using one of these updates may void your warranty.

If you do update the firmware in your A620 be sure to delete the file (PSA620.

A620 Firmware : information about an unofficial upgrade of A620 firmware from an early version to version 1.00f can be found at this message.

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