Jenny sanford dating businessman

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Jenny sanford dating businessman

The Sanfords' divorce was finalized on March 19, 2010.

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She’s wealthy, she’s in good health (surviving a few cancer scares in the past) and she’s not hideous to look at.

In fact people were even beginning to sympathize with the plight of her husband – a former two-term governor whose presidential aspirations were derailed by an extramarital affair (and ensuing insanity). In her capacity as a former first lady, Sanford was not only invited to participate in the ceremony – she scored invites to all the exclusive events associated with the big day. The poor-mouthing began at a private reception at the governor’s mansion and continued over to the S. State House – the site of the inauguration ceremony.

First Lady Jenny Sanford would realize the best way to impugn the integrity of her former husband – U. A few months ago – shortly before her ex-husband’s latest implosion – Jenny Sanford ratcheted up the bitterness to a new level. this week for the second inauguration of Nikki Haley (another woman who knows a thing or two about playing the victim card). According to multiple sources, Sanford trashed her ex-husband at every opportunity – to anyone willing to listen (an audience that has diminished considerably in recent years).

She filed a trespassing complaint against him the next day, alleging that Mark Sanford had repeatedly flouted this requirement despite Jenny Sanford filing a "no trespass" letter with the Sullivan's Island Police Department.

In a statement, Mark Sanford admitted that he'd gone to the house to watch the second half of Super Bowl XLVII with his son.

Mark Sanford was running in a special election to retake his old congressional seat, but the disclosure of the trespassing complaint prompted the National Republican Congressional Committee to pull all support from his campaign.

Several Republican operatives said that they were upset Sanford had known about this complaint for some time and failed to disclose it.

It was while she was working at Lazard that she met her future husband, Mark Sanford, at a beach party in the Hamptons on Long Island.

She later told The Greenville News, "It was quite a surprise to me.

“Dancing for you and the one who has captured your heart,” wrote one Instragram user.

Sanford told The Post and Courier that she has been dating her future husband, Andy Mc Kay, for 15 months.

On December 11, 2009, she announced that she was filing for divorce, after it became known that Governor Sanford had flown to Argentina to have an affair with Maria Belen Chapur, a 43-year-old divorced mother from Buenos Aires, six months earlier.

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