Sasuke and sakura dating fanfiction

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This takes place shortly after Naruto and Hinata's wedding in the anime, the main focus being Sasuke and Sakura traveling, and navigating each other and their new relationship.There is smut in this series, and PTSD mention, so tread lightly if that is not your cup of tea!

Also, diese Geschichte umfasst die Probleme eines Uchiha- Jungen Sasuke... Sein Herz pochte schmerzhaft schnell und stark und seine Gedanken überschlugen sich mit erregenden Vorstellungen.„Nein, er ist mein Bruder! Die leicht bestellten Drinks erfüllten nach einiger Zeit ihren Zweck. Nach einer Weile lagen beide nackt dicht beieinander. ~Er guckte verzweifelt in der Dunkelheit zum opfernden Körper. She ran to her room and hid under the bed sheets shaking and nervously waited for her parents to come home. She sat down across from sasuke and smiled at him instead. Sauf indication contraire, le contenu de ce site est sous licence a. While sakura was at home alone waiting, sasuke was running towards the party to try and figure out what happened between sakura and ino. A Naruto retelling with Hinata as a main character but with canon teams.(The Prologue arc focuses on elaborating on everything I mentioned above, as well as showing how the teams interact with each other prior to the mission to Wave.A good chunk of this arc will be Kakashi and Kurenai spending some time with each other's teams and fixing the grave problems they perceive, but the teams will meet up at the end of the arc too.) Sasuke likes Naruto, but his friend is a moron.He thinks being Hokage makes up for everything bad in the world, and Sasuke won't allow that.

Even though it's hard to stand up against that smile. Eventual Naru Sasu, but we need to take some shit down first.She grinned at him, something candid and believing, leaning forward slightly.“And, just so you know,” her voice was hushed as if she was telling him a secret, “a C GPA doesn’t condemn you to a C life.” -OR: Shikamaru is one of six friends without a girlfriend, but he's quite content with that outcome (or so he thinks). Under the table, sakura clenched her hands into fists. (naruto tries to stop sasuke from leaving a second time by telling him that sakura is pregnant). He’s the captain of the football team and every girl’s heartthrob.His destiny had been set the night of his brother's betrayal.