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All that is set to change, however, when she hits our screens playing heart-throb James Norton’s girlfriend in the much-anticipated new BBC miniseries , about a man trying to escape his Russian family’s links to the underworld but, inevitably, getting sucked in.

‘Everyone decided to embrace the challenge; there was something about the combination of people invested in our family unit that worked.He does an incredible mouth trumpet, which is his party trick.But, most importantly, he is a genuinely good person, and when you have a leading man who is gracious and supportive of everyone, it’s gold.’And, for Juliet, this was crucial because, she says, ‘The stage has always been my comfort zone – I feed off that relationship between actor and audience.I don’t have step- or half-siblings, but I don’t think that would have made a difference.The first time I met Mark, he picked me up and carried me on to the stage at the National [theatre], where he and Mum were working together.I felt as though I was joining Mark’s trade and should take his name.’ She uses both van Kampen (her mum’s surname) and Camargo privately.

None of this has been an issue or caused any sensitivity, because her two fathers are the best of friends; they go hiking and are thinking of buying a boat together.We could feel that Mark was Mum’s boyfriend, and it felt right.Chris was there too, and we were fine with it because he was.Having three parents – three role models – has, in hindsight, been the greatest blessing.’Juliet opted to use Mark’s stage name – his real surname is Waters – because she wanted ‘to have both a public and a private identity’.She likens it to when a son joins his father’s company, ‘and the company name becomes so-and-so & Son.She acted in her first play by the bard aged 11 and has since appeared in productions of The two were friends for years, ‘until it felt right to be more.

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