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‘We love each other profoundly and embrace our unconventional life split between two such different places.’Juliet’s childhood was also far from conventional.When she was seven, her mother, musical composer Claire van Kampen, split from her biological father Chris van Kampen, and started seeing Mark who, as well as playing the BFG in the recent film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s much-loved book, starred as Thomas Cromwell in the BBC’s adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s .

‘I think who they were in their life comes into sharper focus. ‘We are all now aware of each other in a more heightened way.

I am excited to be widening into more screen acting now, but I do get rehearsal jitters.’On first impression, Juliet, 38, seems totally self-assured.

She has a hearty laugh and exudes warmth and openness as she jumps up to greet me.

Actress Juliet Rylance is set to be the envy of many women.

Although she comes from a British acting dynasty – her stepfather is actor, director and national treasure Mark Rylance – she has so far focused her thespian energies across the pond, where she has spent most of the past eight years with her American actor husband Christian Camargo.

All that is set to change, however, when she hits our screens playing heart-throb James Norton’s girlfriend in the much-anticipated new BBC miniseries , about a man trying to escape his Russian family’s links to the underworld but, inevitably, getting sucked in.

The premise is, says Juliet, ‘that organised crime has become as prevalent as Mc Donald’s – part of the fabric of our lives, like fast food’.It has made me more focused on being in the moment.Sadly, it seems that we have to experience loss to be present; it’s a shame that we can’t just be born that way.We are meeting on a bright winter’s day in the bar of London’s Tate Modern, a stone’s throw from the house she is renovating (with the help of her father, who handily happens to be an architect) in Borough, the South London enclave famous for its food market and, sadly, for being the site of last summer’s terrorist attack.Juliet had planned to dine in the market on the night of the atrocity in which eight people were killed, but cancelled at the last minute owing to an ‘overwhelming urge’ to see a friend in the country.He does an incredible mouth trumpet, which is his party trick.