My ex girlfriend is dating someone new

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My ex girlfriend is dating someone new - online dating coach

We call ourselves a "thing," not boyfriend and girlfriend (or boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend). We don't know if one, three or six dates signal the beginning of a relationship -- if it even signals a relationship at all -- and we never know if we're exclusive or if we should actually continue seeing other people.Most of all, we perpetuate this constant state of questioning ourselves and not knowing where we stand because we're too afraid to confront anyone about our feelings.

Eventually, you start talking to your ex more frequently.

That's when your ex's focus shifts away from you and to another person.

That's when the definition of "breakup" is no longer unclear.

You might start drunk texting each other and flirting, which might lead to meeting up late at night and having the infamous, you-swore-you'd-never-do-it breakup sex.

For some couples, this could continue for months and months after the official breakup -- until someone else comes into the picture.

You wave from afar, minimize giggling and refrain from having casual texting conversations.

You maintain levels of platonic friendship that you guys had never done before.You break up with your partner and think to yourself, “Now what?” Do you have to get over him/her before you start dating again, or should you find a new date as quickly as possible?Yet, knowing you can survive solo is vitally important to your well-being.Granted, it’s more fun to have a constant companion, but you don’t want to be in a relationship with just anyone to avoid being alone. The end of a relationship brings up pain, anger, resentment and…the potential to learn.If your tendency is to jump into a new relationship as quickly as possible, I suggest you try a new approach.