Regular expression for validating email address

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Regular expression for validating email address - X adultdating

You can use them to constrain input, apply formatting rules, and check lengths. This How To shows how you can use regular expressions within ASP. Objectives Overview Using a Regular Expression Validator Control Using the Regex Class Common Regular Expressions Additional Resources If you make unfounded assumptions about the type, length, format, or range of input, your application is unlikely to be robust.

The input must consist of 3 numeric characters followed by a dash, then 2 numeric characters followed by a dash, and then 4 numeric characters. This content is outdated and is no longer being maintained.

Technical support for the Microsoft products and technologies referenced in this guidance is provided by Microsoft Support Services. It is provided as a courtesy for individuals who are still using these technologies.

For support information, please visit the Microsoft Support Web site at To get the most benefit, find the newsgroup that corresponds to your technology or problem. This page may contain URLs that were valid when originally published, but now link to sites or pages that no longer exist.

If you omit these markers, an attacker could affix malicious input to the beginning or end of valid content and bypass your filter. To use the Regex class For performance reasons, you should use the static Is Match method where possible to avoid unnecessary object creation.

If you are not using server controls (which means you cannot use the validation controls) or if you need to validate input from sources other than form fields, such as query string parameters or cookies, you can use the Regex class within the System. The following example shows how to use a regular expression to validate a name input through a regular client-side HTML control.

Regular expressions are much easier to understand if you use the following syntax and comment each component of the expression by using a number sign (#).

To enable comments, you must also specify Regex Options.

To validate other forms of input, such as query strings, cookies, and HTML control input, you can use the System. The attacker can then supply carefully crafted input that compromises your application by attempting SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other injection attacks.

To avoid such vulnerability, you should validate text fields (such as names, addresses, tax identification numbers, and so on) and use regular expressions to do the following: Regular expression support is available to ASP. If you capture input by using server controls, you can use the Regular Expression Validator control to validate that input.

Ignore Pattern Whitespace, which means that non-escaped white space is ignored.

Regex regex = new Regex(@" ^ # anchor at the start (?

I had to remove the regex validation I used before for e-mail when I got mobile device specific regex failure on e-mail input field.

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