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So say Los Angeles County prosecutors, who filed charges against the 61-year-old actor yesterday over the incident, according to a statement released by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

The arrest came days after an appearance at the Toronto Film Festival, where he was promoting an upcoming movie, ”The Good Thief,” in which he plays a heroin-addicted robber.Nick Nolte is on the hook for a party that went out of control at his house--even though he wasn't home at the time.Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg denied the actor's motion to dismiss a civil lawsuit filed against him by a teenage girl's parents who claim their daughter was drugged and date-raped during a party at his Malibu home. The lawsuit, filed in November 2004, contends that while the Prince of Tides star was away, his son, Brawley Nolte, held a party.It begins with Rudy Jordache apprehending the man who killed his brother, Falconetti. William Kane is born in one of the richest families of Boston and grows up to be a banker on Wall Street. See full summary » Zeb Macahan, a pioneering westerner, help's move his brother's family to the wild west.They run into several obstacles, including the breakout of the Civil War. See full summary » In later works the two male leads, Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss, each played a role originated by Gregory Peck.These old geesers were usually referring to the grand ol' soaps like "Dallas", "MASH" or even "The Rockford Files".

Many referred to "Rich Man, Poor Man" as the best series they ever saw."I think it was an excellent decision today by Judge Rosenberg," the plaintiffs' attorney, Philip Dunn, told reporters."I think it's extremely important because it exposes a real danger to the Malibu Colony that went on." In his request to dismiss the suit, Nick Nolte said he was only named because of his "high profile," "star power" and "deep pockets." The girl's family is alleging that Nolte was responsible for creating an environment that fostered drug use and other unsavory activities.Once when asked about my favorite villains my extensive knowledge was severely questioned when I failed to name Falconetti.I only knew of Falconetti through "Beautiful Girls", as he was mentioned by Matt Dillon as a nasty guy in TV history.He also stars in next spring’s ”The Hulk” as the father of the green superhero, who has his own gamma problems, having been irradiated with gamma rays that cause his clothes-shredding transformations.