Rules for validating social security numbers

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Rules for validating social security numbers

tokens that assert position at the beginning and end of the string, this regex can be broken into three groups of digits separated by hyphens. The second and third groups simply match any two or four-digit number, respectively, but use a preceding negative lookahead to rule out the possibility of matching all zeros.

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The first group of digits is much more complex and harder to read than the others because it matches a numeric range.

If it’s between 0 and 6, any third digit is allowed.

Numbers starting with 7 are allowed only if they fall between 700 and 772, so the next step is to further divide any number that starts with 7 based on the second digit.

Most area numbers were assigned according to state (or territorial) boundaries, although the series 700-729 was assigned to railroad workers regardless of location (this series of area numbers was discontinued in 1964 and is no longer used for new SSNs).

Area numbers assigned prior to 1972 are an indication of the SSA office which originally issued the SSN.

[0-2] # Match a character in the range between "0" and "2". Putting these rules for numbers starting with 7 together, we get The Social Security Administration website at answers to common questions as well as up-to-date lists of what area and group numbers have been assigned.

If the second digit is 7, the third digit must be between 0 and 2.

In this java regex tutorial, we will learn to use regular expressions to test whether a user has entered a valid Social Security number in your application or website form.

United States Social Security numbers are nine-digit numbers in the format AAA-GG-SSSS with following rules.

If you need a more rigorous solution that checks with the Social Security Administration to determine whether the number belongs to a living person, refer to the section of this recipe.^ # Assert position at the beginning of the string. 000|666) # Assert that neither "000" nor "666" can be matched here.

Techniques used in the regular expressions in this recipe are discussed in Chapter 2.

This far less readable approach uses a series of numeric ranges, which you can read all about in Recipe 6.7.

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