Outlook 2016 delegate calendar not updating

11-Mar-2020 04:12 by 7 Comments

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If a user sets permission levels only to allow free/busy or free/busy limited details, an Outlook 2011 user will not be able to see any details of the shared calendar.

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This person, who does it, is called as a delegate, meaning, you are delegating your tasks.

(Note: Outlook 2011 users who have a "Reviewer" role may also be able to select another users name within the Send As / From drop down menu.

Unless you have explicit permissions to Create Items within the selected users mailbox, Exchange will not allow you to send on the behalf of that person).

While I can see all his appointments when I access his Calendar folder, I can’t see any of the color coding anymore.

How can I see the color coding of his Calendar as a delegate?

They can be given access to receive mails pertaining the meetings however.

You are all set with adding a delegate but now how do you give them the priviliges?

In addition, he/she can also be given access to receive mails pertaining the meetings, PRIVATE ITEMS and also accept and reject meetings on your behalf.

You could also assign a delegate as an Author, giving him/her the privileges of creating meeting requests and reading through your Calendar, PRIVATE ITEMS but he/she cannot modify or delete meeting requests.

Microsoft notes, however, that shared calendars will only be supported for customers to start.

That leaves Office 365 subscription customers waiting a little longer with a gradual roll out only starting today.

I'm using Outlook 2016 on my mac connecting to office 365.