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Post the link in your browser, click the search button and you should be at the website where you will see the Contact's name and email address if you wish to correspond/share. David Green was a firm believer in God, in the inherent rights of the individual, in democracy, and in the system of free enterprise. And although the town is small, the rights of the individual and the significance of democracy which it has represented for over a century loom so large, they cast in shadows a certain European city by the same name.

In the Spring of 1781, several leaders of this petition were hanged following the Battle of Alamance Creek, said to be the first actual battle of the American Revolution. Please see they are the only men born in TN with the GREEN surname in Polk TX in 1850. With such a significant foundation, the future of Moscow, Texas, U. "Among the first structures erected in Moscow, Texas, was a church and soon after it, a school. The school is reputed to be the oldest continuous free school in Texas, and now on the campus there is a large granite marker erected in 1936 by the Texas Centennial Commission and at testing to the school's significant service as a free educational institution. The present school plant is encompassed by landmarks symbolic of the American heritage of freedom. M., established 108 years ago and founder of the first shcool in the town. More About TIMOTHY COODE, JR.: Census: 1850, Montgomery, TX #5809 Property: February 1838, 1840 Land Grant #1834 Mont. Directly across the road north of the school building is a structure symbolic of the right of assembly--Unity Lodge #102, A. On the south is a house symbolic of free public education--a residence provided by the Board of Education for the concenience of teachers.

East of the campus is the old home of a pioneer teacher, daughter of the founder of Moscow Texas--David G.

Possible there is an Elizabeth Liddy from another branch????? El Paso, TX More About TIMOTHY COODE: Burial: Gray's Chapel, Randolph Co., NC Census: 1800, Randolph Co., NC Property: 1788, obtained NC land grant Will: April 03, 1806, Randolph Co., NC Notes for ELIZABETH LIDDY HORNER: Identified in Timothy's will as "Liddy, wife of Timothy." Children of TIMOTHY COODE and ELIZABETH HORNER are: i.

More About WILLIAM COODE: Census: 1790, Randolph Co., NC Children of WILLIAM COODE and DARCUS JONES are: 4.

Floods delayed their arrival at San Jacinto until the day following the battle. 4, 1836, for which he received a bounty grant, and he was allotted additional land as a married citizen of the Republic of Texas. He was married in a Catholic ceremony, April 11, 1837, Nacogdoches, TX, to Matilda Burch; married again in a civil ceremony, San Augustine, Jan. Austel, England, and died 1813 in Randolph Co., NC. One of these was Timothy Cude, known affectionately to Cude genealogists as the "Big T." Timothy got the American branch of the family off to a good start; he and Liddy had ten children.

After residing in Nacogdoches County for a few years, he moved his family in 1842 to northern Liberty County (present Polk) where he founded the town of Moscow and maintained a blacksmith shop and trading post. Timothy is buried at Grays Chapel in Randolph County, NC.

William, his oldest son, is listed separately as a married man with no children. Census 1810 appears incomplete in the county, as only Timothy, Sr. Timothy signed his will on 3 April 1806, speaking of his "plantation where on I now live, containing one hundred acres".

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