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The women of the two families also have vigorous singing competitions, where the main judging characteristic seemed to be volume.

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After that, I think I’ll play Indore Adventures by ear.(Seriously, though, people on the internet will threaten horrible maiming over the smallest things – why have I not gotten any murderous comments yet?) With less than two weeks to go here in India — one in Indore and the rest in Delhi at our final orientation, or disorientation, as my mom brilliantly refers to it — I’m not quite ready to reflect on my experience, but I am ready to say thank you to everyone who’s ever read this blog, or sent me an email or message, or generally supported me while I’ve been here. All of it has been a huge help, and without a lot of love from home and from here in India, I don’t think I ever would have made it the whole ten months of this program.Well, I haven’t gotten many questions from my last blog post — that’s really no problem, though.I know very, very well how difficult it is to sustain curiosity about any one subject over ten whole months.To this one little kid named Vedant who bears a striking resemblance to Drake and cheers me up every time I see him and can yell “What’s up, little Drake?

” To the pigeons of the Daly College, which remind me daily that my life could be far more sad and meaningless than it has ever been here in India because I could be a pigeon, that horrible avian detritus that infests every corner of this campus.That very day (a phrase that I cringe to use because it’s so horrifyingly overused here) we booked our tickets on an overnight train departing the next day.We left around 6 pm on Thursday and arrived the next morning at about .It’s almost as if the two families are taking their last chance to compete before they become one.During the engagement ceremony, I was mostly pretty bored.Sam and I, lost in the whirlwind of confirmations and packing, had completely forgotten to pack any dinner for the train, but no matter.

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