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That’s one of the reasons why many physicians have signed contracts with their local vendors.

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Always read the fine print in any billing service contract.Outsource billing to your Electronic health Record (EHR) vendor.You will have the obvious advantage of dealing with a single vendor, saving you the hassle of following up or monitoring different vendors to ensure that they are delivering on their promises.According to the latest Black Book Survey, 50 to 60 % of practices are already considering outsourcing billing to a third party.This page is your guide for selecting the best medical billing company for your practice.Moreover, most vendors with billing service will offer you their best EHR Software and Practice Management System (Medical Billing software) for free, which will allow you to have some control/ insight into how your third party biller is performing.

Be cautious however; don’t get stuck into the worst of both worlds.

With offshore billing companies, your problems are two folds. Abominable support – the accents , lack of understanding the US insurance system , keeping up to date with payer payment changes , the misfortune of being transferred from one support representative to another rather than having your own billing account manager b.

Privacy Concerns - Are you willing to risk sharing your patient’s financials across shores in this environment of ever increasing focus on protection of patient health information and the penalties associated with it? The positives though, these are less costly alternatives.

If you are willing to take this plunge make sure that the EHR vendor you choose is a good one.

You don’t want to land up using a substandard system with a substandard service as it will affect your revenue as much as a bad billing company.

a) Many low rate vendors have a minimum revenue requirement, which is set high, thereby making the low offer ineligible or unattainable.