Problem updating turbotax

20-Feb-2020 12:31 by 9 Comments

Problem updating turbotax

Now I wrote about these Turbo Tax issues because these are all problems that I have helped people with because they had filed taxes and there was a problem.If you file a bad return and the IRS sends you a letter, I charge a lot to fix it. You will save yourself lots of money by buying the right program, updating before you file, and making use of the Turbo Tax 1-800 number provided in your box.

I’m always amazed when people call me for help because they want to depreciate their income property by hand because Turbo Tax won’t do it for them. Of course I will gladly prepare a depreciation schedule for your property (for a fee), but if you don’t use the correct software when preparing your tax return, there could be other problems that you won’t realize like passive income limitations (sounds like I’m speaking Geek doesn’t it?For example: one of the things I do is review tax returns that people have prepared for themselves before they send them to the IRS.(I charge a fee for that but it’s much cheaper than paying me to do your taxes for you.) One year, I reviewed a woman’s return and she had put a ,000 tax credit on her return.You can tell her you’ve got a number on line 53 but it really belongs on line 29 but you can’t figure out how to make it work and she’ll guide you through it.You might pay a little more for Turbo Tax to get that service, but it’s there when you need it so don’t be afraid to use it. Turbo Tax has 5 versions of its product, plus its online applications.She had received a notice from the IRS stating that she wasn’t allowed to claim that ,000 tax credit I had warned her about.

I asked her, “Why didn’t you change it like I told you to? Dealing with that problem: First, you need to know that “Turbo Tax wouldn’t let me,” is not an acceptable excuse in Tax Court.I am.) The right software will keep you out of trouble.And there’s no excuse for buying the wrong one: go to their web site and do their quiz to determine which package is right for you.Granted, she wasn’t going to get that big refund she was expecting, but her return would have been right.Anyway, a few months later she was in my office again.I have worked for one of their competitors – and I still like Turbo Tax better.

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