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The thick-as-Bisto former Labour Home Secretary ‘Jackboots’ Jacqui Smith immediately seized upon it as a convenient baseball bat to bash the Tories’ heartless immigration policies.

I reasoned if a man were on that website his marriage was over anyway and if he didn’t date me, he would simply date someone else.‘However, in hindsight I was naive.In protest, Charlie has resigned his lifelong Labour membership.So it’s not just knuckle-scraping BNP skinheads and halitosis-stricken Ukippers in blazers questioning our ‘asylum’ policy, as the BBC would have you believe.If Yvette is so keen on welcoming Syrian migrants, maybe she could invite a couple of families to live in one of her two, taxpayer-funded houses. After all, surely culturally Syria has more in common with Turkey, another Muslim country, than with Tunbridge Wells or Trondheim.I’m sure her husband, Ed Balls, a keen cook, would happily rustle them up his version of Kale Pesto Pasta, with added quinoa. The other distressing image doing the rounds yesterday was the father who lay down on the railway lines in Hungary, clutching his wife and baby, after being refused permission to catch a train bound for Austria and Germany. When they signed up for the EU, they thought they were joining a democratic, free-trade union. Perhaps she’s tarted herself up so her husband no longer feels the need to blow part of her Parliamentary allowances relaxing in a gentleman’s way in front of College Girls Gone Wild on pay-per-view. )I shouldn’t think for a moment it ever occurred to Jackboots that most of the blame for the present crisis can be laid at the door of the Labour government, of which she was such an ineffective and undistinguished member.

Smith was Home Secretary when Labour was, in Peter Mandelson’s worlds, ‘scouring the world’ for immigrants.IT consultant Ashley, 50, said he earned £25,000 a month but the reality was he was bankrupt.And while he told Marie he’d fallen in love with her and had left his wife of 30 years, the truth was he was very much married.We are told that it was the body of Syrian three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned along with his five-year-old brother, their mother and eight others when a recklessly overloaded rubber dinghy transporting them from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos capsized and sank.Objective reporting, especially on the broadcast media, has been thrown out of the window, to be replaced by New Age emoting and political posturing on behalf of the ‘Let Them All In’ and ‘We’re All To Blame’ Brigade.Since she was kicked out of Parliament by her constituents — following revelations about her creative expenses claims involving patio heaters, porn movies and pretending her sister’s spare bedroom was her ‘main home’ — Jackboots has reinvented herself as a go-to, gob-on-a-stick for desperate radio and TV producers.

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