Sysvol not updating

14-Apr-2020 05:14 by 7 Comments

Sysvol not updating

The solution was to create the SYSVOL tree, including junction points and proper ACLs.Of course, we also had to create the default domain policy and the default domain controller policy.

Recently I talked to a Windows admin who had trouble promoting the second DC in a domain.

See the following pages for more in depth descriptions of how GPO version numbers are calculated and utilized: It's not saying your DCs are version mismatched, it's saying that one of your GPOs is.

You need to track down the offending policy ("Policy ") and under the sysvol folder on your DCs, navigate to its folder (\DC\sysvol\policies) and check the GPT. It will have a version number in it, and the version number will be different on the different DCs - this is the version mismatch it's complaining about.

The FRS event log was logging Event ID 13508 events but no 13509 events.

He tried forcing SYSVOL replication, using KB 290762 -- setting BURFLAGS value on the PDC to D4 and on the other DC to D2 -- but something went wrong and it wiped out the SYSVOL tree on the primary domain controller.

Using the DCGPOFix tool, available from Microsoft's download site, this was pretty easy.

Just run the tool and it asks if you want to create a new default domain policy (answer yes) and if you want to create a new default domain controllers policy (answer yes).

Correcting it depends on what exactly caused the mismatch - you may be able to correct it by editing the version number in GPT.ini, or it may be a result of some bigger problem, like faulty FRS replica sets, ACL settings on that particular GPO, etc.

Not enough information to determine what exactly the root cause is.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: I provide this information on a FYI basis.

Be very very very careful in actually doing these steps on your production systems as it may brake or destroy your AD domain or AD forest. It should start inbound replicating the SYSVOL contents immediately!

Ran into a customer issue that I see every so often that I thought I would highlight it here. Uninstalling the old version goes fine but when the new version is installed. So one thing to check for is the Path Environmental variable.