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Dating for the dominant phase of the Yangshao culture may be put roughly between 50 .

Ritual vessels, oracle bones (used by shamans in divination), ceremonial jade objects and ornaments, and architecture (pounded-earth foundations, protective city walls, rectilinear organization) reflect an advanced material culture on the threshold of the Bronze Age.

The art of the Yangshao (Painted Pottery) culture, named after the first Neolithic site discovered (in 1920), had its centre around the eastern bend of the Huang He (Yellow River), and it is now known to have extended across northern China and up into Gansu province.

Yangshao pottery consists chiefly of full-bodied funerary storage jars made by the coiling, or ring, method.

Chinese pottery, also called Chinese ceramics, objects made of clay and hardened by heat: earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain, particularly those made in China.

Nowhere in the world has pottery assumed such importance as in China, and the influence of Chinese porcelain on later European pottery has been profound.

The term shǎoshù mínzú () is added to the various terms for overseas Chinese to indicate those in the diaspora who would be considered ethnic minorities in China.

The terms shǎoshù mínzú huáqiáo huárén; shǎoshù mínzú huáqiáo huárén; and shǎoshù mínzú hǎiwài qiáobāo ( The Chinese people have a long history of migrating overseas.This mixed culture is called “Longshanoid” or, after one of the sites in Hubei, Qijiaping.By contrast with the Yangshao, the fully developed Longshan pottery is wheel-made and especially thinly potted.Shang potters also developed a fine soft-bodied white ware, employing kaolin (later used in porcelain); this ware was probably for ceremonial use and was decorated with motifs similar to those on the ritual bronzes.The only known complete specimen of a fine white stoneware dating from about 1400 is decorated with chevrons (linked V-shapes) and a key-fret pattern, the shoulder motifs being reminiscent of those seen on contemporary bronze vessels.The earliest evidence for art in any form in ancient China consists of crude cord-marked pottery and artifacts decorated with geometric designs found in Mesolithic sites in northern China and in the Guangdong-Guangxi regions.

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