Elvis presley dating history

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July 18, Late in the evening, the Locke family returns from their Florida vacation, and while driving into memphis Dixie hears 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' on the car radio. 'I knew what was going on, but neither he nor I had any idea of the magnitude of it.

He was from the north, not too far from where I lived.I told Elvis that I had to go in and call my parents to see if I could stay for the night session.I went over to the phone and acted like I was calling my parents.Elvis had been drawn to Locke's church, First Assembly of God, because of his love of gospel music and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet, which sang at the church.On January 24, 1954, Fourteen-year-old Dixie noticed Elvis at a church function and making sure he overhears, she made plans with a girlfriend to go roller-skating the following Saturday night.'I thought he was the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen.

He was a very shy person, but when he started singing he put so much into putting the music across that he kind of lost himself. The following Saturday, Elvis went to the Rainbow Rollerdome, where he 'bumped' into Dixie, speaking to her for the first time. On February 16, Barely two weeks after their first meeting, Elvis brought Dixie home to meet his parents.There wasn't a proud or conceited bone in his body'. His career was going in one direction, and I didn't feel that I could be a part of it.Elvis attended the junior and senior proms with Dixie Locke in 19 at South Side High School. His career kind of consumed him there, and there wasn't much time for anything else'. Elvis Presley died at his Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennessee on Aug. Since his death, Presley has remained one of the world’s most popular music icons.We didn't even have a telephone, which was so strange back then.

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