Cyclist dating uk

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Cyclist dating uk

So it is quite likely that the earliest frames were built here in the late forties, although it was not generally known that Geoff was having frames built with his name on at this time.Ken Russell seems certain that he didn’t start until around 1950.

Yet here was a frame built at a time when Geoff was winning races!

His trip was to raise money for Orkidstudio, which aims to benefit communities around the world by providing innovative infrastructure.

In over 30 years of undertaking personal research into lightweight cycle frame builders and retailers, I have never had such difficulty in establishing even the most elementary of details on a frame builder.

During 1950, Geoff by this time had turned Independent and rode under the International Totaliser Pool Team colours alongside contemporaries of the day, Ken Russell (later to win the 1952 Tour of Britain), Ken Jowett, Frank Steel and Eric Mitchell.

In the Brighton to Glasgow Programme, Geoff’s occupation is listed as Motor (Auto) Electrician.

He had two falls, one of them in Russia on day nine, and he needed emergency dental treatment.

He also had to cycle in sub-zero temperatures, and through smog and forest fires in North America.The numbering at this time appears to be unique for GC. Frame building in around 1950/1 was undertaken in Geoff’s auto electrical premises, which was as a shed-come-garage at Newall Street, Bradford.For frames to have climbed from 9 to 107, by 1950 there must have been a period of a year or so when frame building took place.POLICE are investigating after a female cyclist was physically assaulted by a man in York city centre.The assault happened in Low Ousegate, between 2.30pm and 3pm last Saturday, and involved the victim, a female cyclist aged in her late 40s, and an unknown male suspect, North Yorkshire Police said.Clearly he was incredibly fit and was an entry in the first B. This race was the one, famously illustrating the three Taylor brothers, Jack, Norman and Ken as participants, who came 10th, 13th and 14th respectively.

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