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If you experience any difficulty to view, please contact Renier (0 / [email protected]). Open View Sheets from the links provided below for each Stake 2.

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For non-members two photographs will cost R45, 3 will cost R65 and thereafter R15 for each additional photograph.The LRKC is the only dog club dedicated exclusively to the interests of Labrador Retrievers in South Africa Homepage updated with notifications and links to documents: 2018 FT CALENDAR RELEASED ON First Open Show Schedule Lablines 2017 Annual Champ Show Full Results 50th Annual Champ Show Judge's Critique (updated) 50th Annual Champ Show Catalogue Copies of the PRESENTATIONS, NOTES AND VOICE RECORDINGS of the 2013 LRKC BREEDER CONFERENCE, HELD ON 9 MARCH 2013 can still be ordered from Renier Jansen van Vuuren ([email protected])!A booklet with slides and notes (R100) and a DVD (R50) is available.It may therefore be worth your while to become a member of the LRKC if you are not yet a member!We have lots of photographs of previous years' LRKC FTs, as well as the 2016 Champions Stake. The View Sheets are large documents and will take time to open.Topics discussed at the conference: It's Summer Show Time!

Our First Open Show will be held on 10 February 2018, at Goldfields KC Show Grounds Judge: Mrs Ursula Ralfe The show will be sponsored by View and download the First Open Show Schedule We wish all our members a prosperous 2018 with much success in the show ring and field For your ease ofreference, here is the KUSA 2018 Events Calendar Updated 2018 Field Trial Calendar (released on ) Most important LRKC Event dates to diarise now: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT : TAKE NOTE OF CHANGES TO THE FOLLOWING LRKC OFFICE BEARERS POSITIONS, AS PER RECENT EMAIL TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS: Secretary - Ms Genevieve Alberts had resigned but the position of Club Secretary will remain vacant.Why not getting to know the breed better and how to best care for the special needs of the Labrador Retriever by joining the LRKC?Look for a member in your area on the “MEMBERS” page to chat and get more information.The booklet and DVD compliment each other and it is recommended to order both.This carries extremely valuable information for breeders.The following members were elected to the LRKC Management Committee at the time of the AGM and office bearers elected at the subsequent first Committee Meeting: After a break of two years Gerhard was elected back as non-voting 11th Committee member, but following the resignation of Chester Smant, Gerhard filled the position of a full voting member of the Committee for 2017that served the LRKC as Vice-Chairman, Field Trial Manager and Trophy Secretary for the last three years.

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