Radioactive dating gcse

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Some of these students describe ionizing radiation as having the same properties as radioactive materials.(p.345) Prather’s own research was undertaken on graduate students of geology who were trying to understand how radio-dating worked, and he targeted students' understanding of the role the atom plays in the radioactive decay process.

This is one of 17 articles whose main aim is to support the processes of teaching/learning between the science education tutor and the trainee science teachers with a focus on “teachers’ knowledge and understanding”.Other (specify): Explain your reasoning for each statement you circled.Only a quarter of his sample gave responses which only involved the nucleus (B, C and E).Standards: This unit specifically addresses Q14 but, appropriately used can contribute to and provide evidence of competence for many others of the standards especially Q4,6,7,8,18, 22 and 25.Keywords: Radioactivity, Radiation, Nuclear transitions, Half-life, Background-radiation.Even if they are do not teach the radioactivity topic in their teaching careers they all should have a clear understanding of the concepts above to enable them to avoid the confusions of paragraph 1.1.

This section is summarized from a paper by Edward Prather (2005), which began by summarising previous research into students’ misunderstandings about radioactivity.

Nuclear changes also cause the emission of energy in the form of useful and dangerous radiation.

Clearly radioactivity has and will play an important part in the KS4 science curriculum, yet many science teachers will have had little exposure to the ideas in their undergraduate years (though they will have had background exposure to the real stuff, of course! In this short section we will focus on the barriers faced not only by our pupils in school, but also by many of our science teachers in training.

The resource Science Issues CD is a multimedia resource developed to give trainee teachers an understanding of the key ideas.

It is written for adults, but is pitched at about GCSE standard, so will be of use for both the teachers in training and their KS4 pupils.

It is these two bits of prior knowledge that are likely to predispose the pupils to build up the misconceptions described above: Schools do keep radioactive sources for teachers to demonstrate to their pupils.

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