City liquidating

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Customer returns electronics may or may not be working properly, therefore we recommend this merchandise only to those with experience in making repairs.We also offer consumer electronics from a major dotcom company that features items like Televisions, DVD, and Blu-ray players, i Pods, i Pads and more.

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As a result of our past record of used office furniture liquidation, Conklin Office Furniture has become known as a trustworthy company that stands behind our word.

Most of our electronics offers are manifested (a complete list of the items you will receive).

We sell this merchandise based upon a small percentage of the Wholesale value (Retail Value where applicable).

Dugger's Cafe is located next to the new Film Streams / Dundee Theater.

There are two parking lot's behind the building for parking.

We are conveniently located just one exit from the Alamodome in downtown San Antonio.

Allowing Appliance Liquidation to recycle your appliance for you is a safe and painless way for both you and your vehicle - no back aches, no unnecessary scratches to your truck or car, and no waiting for your turn on the cities scheduled rounds of bulk pick up.

Items like these are sure to ad excitement to your store or business.