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Sharing a common interest is a great start to bonding with someone new. Having a hobby or passion in something will make you a more exciting, knowledgeable and interesting person.No one likes a boring person or whose only interests are socialising/drinking.

Frui runs brilliant photography classes and has a photography social event.It is also now one of the traditional events leading up to and during the carnival season. There is no older, or better known Highland Dance than the Sword Dance (Ghillie Callum).For a singles event check out Dance Dating, they combine two hot trends, speed dating with partner dancing plus a lot of fun thrown in for good measure.Participants are taken on a flirtatious journey in which they learn some partner dance moves and get to ‘date’ each other in one-to-one sessions and all culminating in a group dance.Tradition says the original Ghillie Callum was a Celtic prince who defeated one of Mac Beth’s chiefs at the battle of Dunsinane in 1054.

He is said to have crossed his own bloody sword over the bloodier sword of the defeated chief and danced over them both in exultation.

Men, women and children would sing or dance to be entertained by the stickfighters who would perform to the rhythm of drums.

Kalenda songs were a form of expression of anger or violence, an ease of tension from slavery, warlike, chantlike and often rebellious.

When the drumming starts one fighter would throw his stick into the ring and the rival would accept the challenge by jumping in and waving his stick.

They would then taunt each other as a form of entertainment for the onlookers before the duel begins The mirrors indicate an awareness of the world around us.

Everybody is made to feel very welcome and relaxed and no previous dancing experience is required.