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This victorious dance over the two swords became tradition among highland warriors.Today, modern variations of the dance focus on technical accuracy and precise positioning of the feet.

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Stickfighting was frowned upon by the ruling class because of its violent outcome. Today, stickfighting takes place all over Trinidad, more practised as a dance since its re-introduction in 1937 under controlled competitions.

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Stickfighting was a ritual dance dating back to the days of slavery when men would duel with sticks (bois) in the centre of rings or gayelles, hence the word boismen or stickfighters.

The wooden sticks used were from the yellow poui tree, and were about three and a half to four feet long, and one inch in diameter.

It is also now one of the traditional events leading up to and during the carnival season.

There is no older, or better known Highland Dance than the Sword Dance (Ghillie Callum).

From here you can look into two histories: that of Wath Morris, and that of Morris Dancing itself.

Briefly, morris dancing is an ancient dance dating back many centuries whose origins are now unknowable.

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