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Not because I can’t fall asleep, but because I always make friends with the person next to me.It’s weird to think I was flying the other direction 2 and a half months ago.

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I can sleep on any transportation system except for planes.

I continuously met TV personalities and journalists who all gave me reassuring advice for the future, the best of which being to “Stop thinking about making your personality fit your job and start thinking about a job that will fit your personality.” The best advice can give to anyone traveling Europe is to stay open, stay curious, and accept every Facebook friend request you receive along the way–you’ll never know when you need a couch to crash on.

As “The Alchemist” taught me, everything happens for a reason and the universe speaks in symbols to teach us what we need.

If this Eurotrip has taught me anything, I am no longer afraid of the uncertainty that lies before me and I am so excited for the next adventure waiting around the corner.

But let’s be honest, I’m scared shitless and that’s what makes these adventures so fun. God Bless America and our belief that fast food restaurants and coffee shops should all have free wifi. At least she’s on another reserved train now and she’ll make it there by tonight, but for me the next train is tomorrow at AM and it’s already covered on my Eurail pass so I don’t have to pay extra.

From the Australian who taught me how to negotiate to the Dutch man who taught me how to be charming, I’ve learned a lesson from each and every one of them, even the French man who offered me vodka from his tin pan on the train to Toulouse.

I’ve slept in train stations, danced for hours without sleep, and been pressed against hundreds of stinking bodies covered in tomatoes.

What was even stranger was meeting up with some of the friends I made along the way.

Among those in attendance were my friend who hosted us in London, the boy who gave me “The Alchemist” a top a fortress in Hvar, and a man I met on the beaches of Barcelona.

I’ve learned a lot about all the various cultures that we’ve visited, what it means to be gay, and of course my own flaws and insecurities.

I’ve been extremely lucky with all of the people I’ve met along the way.

Finally one of my friends messages me back letting me know he’ll meet me at Mc Donald’s to try and figure something out.