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Sex dating in warwick warwickshire - validating constraints and oracle

The girl, who gave video-recorded evidence, said: 'I had a teenage crush thing'.

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The £12,477-a-year school caters for 600 girls aged 11-18.Rachel Brand QC, defending, said: 'If a teacher goes on holiday to Brighton and meets a pupil of 17 from another school in another part of the country and has intercourse with her that is not an offence.'The whole purpose of this Act is to ensure that pupils at a school are not abused by people at the school they attend.'Warwick School is an independent boys' school which caters to over 1,200 students aged between seven and 18.It was judged to be 'excellent' in its last ISI report in October 2012, and charges £14,964-a-year for full boarders, £13,161 for weekly boarders and £12,687 for non-boarders at the senior school.Judge David Griffith-Jones QC ruled that although Schalch's behaviour was 'immoral and shabby', he had not done anything illegal because the girl had attended a different school.He said: 'There is no issue but that the person named is 17, and that Bryan Schalch was a teacher.'The prosecution set out to prove that Bryan Schalch was in a position of trust in relation to her at the time of the sexual activity.'It is no crime for someone simply to have a sexual relationship with another, as long as that other is at least 16, unless the section of the Sexual Offences Act is applicable, namely that there is a breach of trust.'It is important that I ensure the correct focus is on criminal behaviour, as opposed to shabby or immoral behaviour by the defendant.'I intend to direct the jury that verdicts of not guilty must be brought back.'Prosecutor Sally Hancox told the court Schalch met the girl through a friend of hers who was a pupil at Warwick School.The girl said: 'Nothing happened then, until we went to his.

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