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The crew working the stadium video room, where the camera shots are handled, broke out in laughter.

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Do not in any way copy or alter any part of my patterns and publish them as your own.For copyright information, please visit the link at the top of my page "Copyright/Disclosure".As you can see with this blanket, it's much smaller and packed with a lot of color and character!LOS ANGELES (AP) — An older woman shown dancing on the videoboard between innings at Dodger Stadium proceeded to flash the crowd.Fans cheered her daring dance moves and perhaps emboldened by their cheers, the smiling woman quickly lifted her blue shirt, revealing a white bra underneath in the seventh inning on Saturday night of the Dodgers’ 5-4 win over Kansas City.But she also meets Wiley, granny's little pet, who pops out from the box.

Baby Hazel and Granny Goes for Shopping Baby Hazel is excited to see the market.I soon will have instructions of how I am constructing this blanket once I get a little further along in the process!I'm a big fan of joining as you go because making square after square gets a bit tedious, and to leave all the joining for the end scares me. If you can't wait, I can tell you that I am using a SC join on the back of the squares. Or if have a different method you prefer, go for it! That means we are past the half-way mark in terms of animal squares for this blanket. And I always love seeing your work, you can tag me on instagram @mariasbluecrayon or share with me on my facebook page here! I have begun to join my squares, adding them as I go along. There you will find all the animals I have designed so far as well as how to work up the granny squares. I had plans to release this pattern several days earlier, but things don't always go as plan and I thank you for being so patient with me. If you are only finding out about my Woodland Afghan now, click here to learn more!

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