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Request our free poster and recruiting materials with inclusive images. Solicit stories from the participants and staff with disabilities involved in the program and disseminate and include their stories in your organization’s websites, brochures, social media, newsletters and other media that is used for all audiences.

People with disabilities may be more willing to apply if they know of an organization’s commitment to support inclusive participation.A person with a disability on a recruiting committee can provide excellent problem-solving insights and help identify other useful contacts. In fact, throughout my life I've tried my best to be kind, caring, empathetic and helpful to just about everyone I meet.People who are involved in any aspect of promoting the organization’s programs—whether answering phones, attending conferences, giving community presentations or other public relations activities—should be prepared to answer questions about the program’s policy on including people with disabilities.Most international programs use sophisticated techniques for screening applicants for eligibility based on qualifications."Too nice" is the person who doesn't like to ruffle feathers.

"Too nice" is the person who is afraid to set boundaries. "Too nice" is the person who I used to be (and still am, sometimes).Offer to put individuals with disabilities who are considering applying in contact with program alumni with disabilities.For young people with disabilities, their parents often play a larger role in their lives for a longer period of time.Identifying contacts at organizations that are led by and work with people with disabilities is essential to recruiting and accommodating participants with disabilities in international exchange.University disability services offices, local independent living centers, rehabilitation organizations, adaptive recreation programs, parents organizations, special education departments or schools, disability rights organizations and support groups are critical sources of knowledge and support.When I reflect back on my life and my various relationships -- with men, with friends, with family, and even with some co-workers, I can now see how being "too nice" was my way of staying safe, of avoiding conflict, and of remaining emotionally intact.

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