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In addition, the state’s three major landforms join within the city limits: the foothills that rise northwest to the Ozark Plateau, the Delta lands that extend east to the bank of the Mississippi River, and the rolling plains that stretch southwest into Texas.

Louisiana Purchase through Early Statehood "The Rock" was included in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, but the first settlement near the landmark was not made until the spring of 1812 when a trapper named William Lewis built a cabin on the bank of the river about 100 yards north from where the Old Statehouse stands today.

Lewis left that October but filed a pre-emption claim on the land at the Federal Land Office in Nashville, Tennessee. post office with the name "Little Rock" was established.

In the midst of the chaos, the Arkansas territorial capital was scheduled to move to Little Rock on June 1, 1821.

Disgruntled settlers disguised themselves as Indians to move buildings at night in support of their claims.

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