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Subconsciously, we all are still afraid of not being liked and welcomed by our peers, even when we have long since graduated from high school.

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This is a surefire way to keep your social circle alive by making meaningful and lasting connections.These types of places aren’t always what you might choose to do with your weekend, but they can result in expanding your network to a wide variety of different and interesting people.[Read: Party networking for beginners] #5 Establish your own value.Smiling might take a little extra effort at first, but it will definitely pay off in the end when you have attracted many new potential members to your social circle. Ideally, this should be the first step in figuring out how to find people who would fit into your social circle.Try and figure out whom you would actually want in your life.[Read: 30 surefire ways to make new friends] 12 ways to have a bigger social circle Check out our tips for adding more people to your social circle.

Though you won’t get instant results, practicing these tips will gradually help expand your social network. The fastest way to make a friend, or just generally attract people is by smiling.To put forward a giver attitude when meeting new people, you can do two things.First, you can really listen to what they are saying, look at the situation through their perspective and also offer your story or opinion.While for some people getting out and being social isn’t a big deal at all, for others it can be terrifying to think about having to meet and talk to new people.Oftentimes, one of the main reasons we feel so scared when thinking about meeting new people is the fear of rejection.You also have to be able to strike a balance between quantity and quality.